The $105 Question: To Prom or Not to Prom?

Sarah Rockwood and Margaret Ross, Staff Writers

Why blow $105 on a night of mediocre food, painful high heels, awkward date photos, and uncomfortable dancing to obscure music? Not including the money spent finding the perfect dress and shoes or renting a tux, Junior Prom costs a pretty penny. Your “Benjamins” are better spent on actual enjoyment. While the initial excitement of the hyped up dance might intrigue you, take a moment to think about what you are getting yourself into. When you look back on your high school years, you will be embarrassed that you wasted a whole night at the mess we call Prom. A perfectly good Saturday night has potential for creating memories worth reminiscing on. Who wants to go to prom when you can fill your room with 1500 ping pong balls for the same price? Here are some other examples of what you can enjoy with your $105 instead of a Prom ticket…  Ladies, your feet will thank you later.

37 Sam’s Very Messy Chocolate Cupcakes from Republic of  Cake

An ipod shuffle and three Miley Cyrus albums

6 pairs of Robert Kardashian’s Arthur George brand socks

21 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies

6 Rainbow Loom Complete Packages

A taxi ride to the beach in San Francisco

A 50-minute deep tissue massage at Entourage

A mini air hockey table (puck included)

3 acres on the Moon through the company Lunar Registry

A season pass to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, with enough money left for a funnel cake!

106 lives on the addictive Candy Crush