Early Schedule Planning Helps Students

Sommar Veverka, Staff Writer


A few weeks after winter finals end, the counselors begin to distribute piles of paperwork to students regarding their schedules for the following year. Although the pressure and indecisiveness about courses makes this difficult and it seems that the deadline is too early, students have to get it over with eventually so they might as well tackle this task early. For some students, it is overwhelming when it comes to talking about creating schedules when next year seems so far away.  

The school needs each student’s schedule in the system before they can start assigning classes for the following year.  By having these plans early in the system, it allows them to start forming classes, calculating the number of teachers that are needed to teach each subject and provides the number of students who plan on returning. Although creating schedules early benefits the school more than the students, it isn’t a negative thing for students at all. It allows students more wiggle room to switch their schedules, because there is more time to do it before final schedules are given to students at the end of the summer.

Since all schedules are already on file in the schools system, there is some flexibility to dropping or changing classes before the following year. Although counselors ask for your “set schedules,” the reality is that many students will go back and alter their schedules. “It is an advantage to us because we have time to think about it and change out schedules, instead of jumping into the school year and not having much thought about your schedule for the following year,” sophomore Kimi Hatta said.

The week during which the counselors visit every English class requires you to think about your future.  While it adds some stress, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors should feel grateful that is their primary concern for now. That is a better situation than the majority of seniors who don’t know what school we will be attending next fall or what part of the country they will have to call home for the next four years.  Although this year seniors no longer have the pressure of constructing next year’s schedule, they also no longer have their life or schooling planned out like it has been for them in the last twelve years.  The seniors are looking into the future of the unknown, while the rest of us complain about how tiresome making schedules early can be.  It is a minor temporary issue that many students need to get over and be grateful that they don’t have to worry about the unknown future of college planning. At least, until next year for the incoming seniors and juniors.