Do AP Courses Actually Prep for College?

Grayson Judge, Staff Writer

AP classes are hard. Everyone knows that. But still, students take them year after year. The gpa boost, college credit, and admission attraction draw students to take APs every year. But with these increasing numbers of AP students comes a move away from AP courses’ core values. Instead of taking classes that are a better fit academically and actually of interest, students cram three, four, or sometimes five aps into their schedules. There is nothing wrong with taking classes for the increased gpa. But do APs truly prepare students for college? Not at all.

College is perceived as time to explore subjects and classes that interest you. High school is perceived as time to get good grades in hard classes to get into college. That is a dumb opinion altogether but shared by many people at Miramonte, parents and students alike. Those two opinions are obviously not alike in any way. Therefore, AP courses, taken in high school as “college prep” courses, really aren’t college prep. There are some who really like all the APs they take here at Miramonte. But the overwhelming majority doesn’t. An anonymous junior taking three aps said it best: “APUSH has single handedly made me hate America”.

Maybe the argument that APs are college prep “because they are hard”. I am willing to bet that AP classes in high school can’t match the depth and rigor of college classes. Lets all take quantum physics because its hard and therefore will prepare us for college. Are you kidding me?

I take APs. I like a few of them. I know they don’t prepare me for college.