Avoid Crazy Roommates

Courtney Attard, Staff Writer

We’ve all heard horror stories regarding college roommates. Rooming with someone freshman year who you don’t get along with has been a common problem for many people.  A solution to this issue has been discovered, and incoming college freshmen should take advantage of it.
With the growing presence of Facebook and other social media websites, colleges and student groups now utilize this form of communication. For instance, some are creating Facebook groups for incoming freshmen. In these groups, students are able to post about themselves and their interests in hope of getting to know future classmates and finding roommates.
Although some people worry this is an awkward method uncomfortably similar to online dating, it is an effective way to start making friends and avoid possible roommate struggles. If you choose your college roommate ahead of time, you will be guaranteed at least one familiar face for your first day of college. And, by picking your roommate, you will get a whole new network of friends by getting to know the people you have met. When picking your roommate, you can collaborate about your routines to make sure that you are a good match. For example, bedtime, study hours, cleanliness, and nightlife habits are all things that you and your roommate should be on the same page about. Going to college in a completely new and unfamiliar environment is hard enough in itself, so why make that transition even more overwhelming by running the risk of living with someone who you are not compatible with? Just put yourself out there, post in the group, and start making friends early.
Miramonte graduate and Cal Poly freshman Natalie Condon is living proof of the effectiveness of meeting roommates online. “It was kind of awkward at first talking to random people about living together, but it ended up working out way better than I thought. I met a lot of people and I ended up loving the roommate I chose,” Condon said.
Senior Natalie Vigo found her roommate using the online Facebook group for UT Austin. “I found my roommate through my class of 2018 Facebook group and I think it’s beneficial because I have the chance to talk to her before and make sure we are compatible. Now, I can go to college knowing I already have one friend and someone I can’t wait to live with,” Vigo said.
Senior Maddie Goodreault, on the other hand, took the more traditional approach. “I chose to go random because I didn’t want to go through the process of finding a roommate. I don’t plan on spending much time in the dorms anyways, ” Goodreault said.
Whether you choose a roommate online or leave it to fate, at least there’s more to college than who you live with for the first year. But why not make the best of your experience and utilize the assets of Facebook by choosing a roommate?