Limited Tables Cause Problems on Quad


Libby Dunne, Staff Writer

Miramonte has an amazing quad, but not everyone can enjoy it without getting dirt on their butt or sitting uncomfortably on the hard pavement. Miramonte should have more tables around the quad and on the grass for every student to sit.

Lunch is a time for students to relax part way through the school day, but how can students relax when they don’t have a place to sit while they eat? The seniors have almost the same amount of tables on the senior lawn as the underclassmen have all around the quad. Miramonte needs more tables on and around the grass for the over 700 students that are forced to squeeze on 16 tables.

As a result of seniority at Miramonte, many of the freshmen are left without lunch tables and have been sitting on the ground in front of the gym everyday during lunch. “I see so many people sitting on the ground during lunch, so we should definitely have more lunch tables so everyone has a place to sit,” freshman Hana Neugebauer said.

Principal Adam Clark has noticed all the people sitting on the ground during lunch, and has ordered more lunch tables for next year. “We cannot put tables on the grass because they need to be bolted down, but we are planning on adding more tables around the grass for the underclassmen. We just ordered them so they will be placed around the quad for next year,” Clark said.

Also, the area in front of the gym always seems to have more trash left on the ground after the final lunch bell rings. The lack of lunch tables may be the cause of this. When someone has a place to call theirs, like a specific lunch table, they tend to keep it more clean than a place they many not go to everyday.

Along the lines of lunch improvements, Miramonte students must pick up their trash. Clark has added more trash cans to the campus, making it even easier for students to clean up their trash. Making the 500 dollar purchase for a new table is much harder to do when students don’t respect their environment and their school. Along with more lunch tables, less trash would make the Miramonte campus a better place and more comfortable for students.

Luckily, Miramonte students will have more tables to sit at during lunch next year, which will give more students a chance to relax during lunch.