Pick a College, Not a Name

Sommar Veverka, Staff Writer

As the underclassmen watch the senior class decide from their array of prestigious college choices, the pressure to attend an esteemed college grows. Yet, the reality is that not everyone can get in, the majority do not. The Miramonte community perceives attending a non-name brand school is unacceptable. However, we can’t blame Miramonte for the competitive environment, since the students are the true competitors.

Many students are blinded by the name, reputation, and how the  school is perceived.  We all typically talk about schools like Ivy’s, Stanford, UVA since they are considered to be superior. For many students, it’s a goal or a dream to attend one of these prestigious universities. The idea of attending an established school gives  a sense of comfort for a promising future.

“Attending a school with a better reputation can sometimes make it easier to find opportunities outside college through things like alumni networks,” said senior Isabella Calderon.  In today’s world the school you attend doesn’t necessarily promise a get a good job and a great life. The only thing that matters is what is made of the college experience. Remember,  As Woody Allen said “Harvard makes mistakes too.” No school is perfect, some just look that way from afar.

“There are people who worked tirelessly throughout their high school career and as a result they got into an excellent, prestigious school. There are also people who worked just as hard and didn’t get in where they wanted. Such is life,” said senior Maddie O’Shea. People decide where they think they should attend rather than where they would belong.

Many other factors are considered when choosing a school. Some students prefer to be closer to home, whether it’s for family, instate tuition, etc. Does the school have the classes or programs the student needs or wants for their major? “ I chose University of Oregon, it’s gigantic, beautiful, and has the major I want. We have family friends who went to Oregon and loved every minute of it, so I knew it was the right place for me,” said O’Shea.

College acceptances can easily become beauty pageants, but in the end it’s important to remember that students aren’t defined by their GPA or the school they attend.