Eating in Class Benefits Students

Sommar Veverka , Staff Writer

Food is brainpower and is a necessity in order to pay attention in class and to learn.   Students should be allowed to eat in class.

Eating in class is beneficial, as long as it doesn’t distract others from learning. Without food it’s hard to function, let alone focus, which makes it difficult to perform well throughout the day. It’s important to fuel the body with food because it enhances memory strength, concentration, and energy levels and will enable students to be successful.

Eating in class is beneficial to students because it’s difficult to cope with hunger until lunch. “Food stimulates your brain power and keeps you awake. I typically eat a parfait or bagel in third period,” freshman Giuliano Avella said. Many students eat during third period, since a lot students don’t have enough time to during  brunch.

The purpose of brunch and lunch is to allow students to eat, but often students have other things to do such as homework, make-up tests, and meeting with teachers. Although brunch and lunch are specifically mealtime breaks,many students don’t utilize the time like they should.

Fortunately various teachers do understand the pain of a students hunger and allow the no eating in class rule to slip.

“ I like Mr. Plants rule, you can eat as long as it isn’t super messy or disruptive. And if it looks very good he will eat some,”sophomore Samira Maboudian said.

Eating in- class rules vary depending on the teacher and their preference. Some are lenient about it while others prefer not to see the food at all.

Eating in class not only prevents a rumbly stomach but keeps the brain energized and focused in class.