Graduates Leave Behind the Orinda Bubble

Sommar Veverka , staff writer

For the former Matadors living up the college life, it would be expected for them to move past their high school hoorahs and the salmon-colored halls of Miramonte. Graduates truly graduate from the “Orinda Bubble.”

Of course the new college freshmen get to enjoy their last summer at home with family, friends, and everything they’ve known their whole lives. The summer between high school senior year and freshman year at college should be cherished.  While it’s difficult to say goodbye and leave home for the first time it would seem easy to say “hello” to a new experience. Many embrace the the experience of growing up, but maybe that’s just what it appears to look like on SnapChat and facebook… But that doesn’t mean that everyone has let go of high school just yet.

Many long for the comforts of home while away, missing their family, pets, friends, and even beloved Nation’s. Nothing says home like a post-football game Nation’s hang out sesh with some fries and pies. Saying goodbye and growing up is a challenging experience and home should never be forgotten in the process. For the students who haven’t left yet it makes sense that they would want to say one last goodbye to their teachers and their peers, plus they have nothing but time on their hands since the majority of their graduated class is already off at school.

However, the number of tweets and instagram longing for high school and old memories is ridiculously high. Rather than reminiscing on what some may consider “The Glory Days,”  graduates need to embrace their new experience even if they don’t love their new school. Holding on and caring about the petty drama that occurs at Miramonte won’t make the transition any easier.

For the graduates who are reading this, enjoy and embrace the college life, but don’t let go of home completely. For the scarce few who constantly tweet about wanting to live their Miramonte years all over again…stop. Dwelling on the past just keeps the future further away than it actually is. College students live in a different world while away at school, but they will always have Orinda to come back to and call home.