Meg and El’s Terrible No Good Very Bad day

Meg and El are exhausted after a long week at school.

M. Ross

Meg and El are exhausted after a long week at school.

Ellie Poling and Meghan Rogers, Editor in Chief and Opinion Editor

It was a tuesday afternoon, two days before Meghan’s 17th birthday. By 2:00, she had gotten 54% on her Physics test, had diarrhea in the bathroom during fourth period, and was killed in the assassins game by none other than Sean McFeely. Ellie was already 17 and still had not read her economics homework. By the looks of it, the week wasn’t shaping up all too nicely.

However, the week of Homecoming is a special time. Even though we faced struggles as individuals, the seniors were dressed up everyday for homecoming, and even though our assassins game was a failure, it would start again the following week. Yay for second chances! Though the week was stressful, Meghan and Ellie were both able to pull through thanks to the abundance of spirit on campus. Time passed quickly and it was Thursday, the day of Meg’s birth. Our friends convened at her house to celebrate another year gone by. One year ago we were all just becoming friends. When we got to Meghan’s, her mother greeted us with apple cider and a beautiful eggplant parmesan. After the candlelit dinner at Meg’s, we drove over to Ici in Berkeley for some Earl Grey and Ginger ice cream. Friday wrapped up the week with a humorous rally and smashing football game. Senior year is full of stress, but if we focus on making friendships and memories throughout the year, we will be able to push through the hardships as a team. Just a little school spirit can bring anyone out of the dumps – literally.