Prom Craze Hits Junior Girls in January


Prom Girl

Quit procrastinating and go study!

Sommar Veverka, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again, meaning, someone has made the Junior Prom Facebook dress group already.The Miramonte Junior Prom isn’t until the Saturday, March 21, but being girls we have to start looking for that perfect dress two months before. The class of 2016 has followed the Miramonte trend of making the facebook dress group early and before finals.


For those of you who don’t understand what this “dress group” is, it’s simply a private facebook group created by the junior girls with the purpose of posting pictures of the dress they plan to wear for prom. By posting a picture of a dress you are basically saying “this is my dress, so back off and don’t buy it.” While the group has good intentions, it forces you to think about prom earlier than expected. This can be both a good and bad, depending on how you view it. The creation of this facebook group just forces everyone to start thinking about prom earlier than needed.


Some might say dress shopping is hell, distracting or even fun and the reality is girls only care about the dresses and pictures. The dress makes up the majority of the whole prom experience, which is fun. Although we have finals around the corner and a long list of “To Do’s” many of us choose to procrastinate and worry about the details of prom. The dress of course is the main detail for us females, who dress for ourselves and to impress other girls, not our dates.


Fortunately, prom gives us an excuse to ditch the lulu’s and converse for heels and a dress and distract ourselves with online shopping. However, prom puts a lot of pressure on girls to look spectacular. It’s not easy being pretty. The whole ordeal can end up being very expensive. The price of the dress and shoes add up and on top of that some girls get spray tans, and their makeup and hair professionally done. The “pre prom primping” can be very stressful, especially since everyone feels obligated to look their best.


The reality of the timing is unfortunate. The dress group is just another distraction and test of your willpower to not open that “Jprom 2016 Dress Group” notification. We don’t even have our first semester grades in the books yet and some of us are more worried about finding a dress than studying.
This past week suddenly evolved into a prom panic. Even though we have two months to prepare for it people are already searching for dates and a dress. Let it be a reminder a lot can change within a two months.  Whether you change the dress you plan to wear or the date you attend prom with, a lot of change can occur within this time frame. So why not wait and stay stress free for a little longer, rather than worrying about it in January?