Senioritis Woes Thrive in Non-Seniors

Angry second semester freshman confused as to why they must attend class.

Angry second semester freshman confused as to why they must attend class.

Sofia Ruiz, Staff Writer

It’s second semester, and the sun is shining, the birds are singing, all is right with world – but only if you’re a senior. For the rest of us lowly peasants, the struggle continues. As cases of senioritis start rolling in, there is still a steady stream of stress and fatigue for all of us who will not be graduating this year.

Freshmen have already been through one set of finals, and are probably not looking forward to round two. They also still have three more years of high school, and that’s enough to depress even the most spirited Matadors.

Sophomores and juniors get to take SAT/ACT prep and tests, AP tests in May, and don’t get to escape the stress of keeping grades up or the prospect of college applications. When asked about second semester woes, sophomore Veronika Pister said, “What? Second semester is going great! Only three breakdowns so far.”

Seniors, on the other hand, are getting right into the groove of not showing up to school. Having already sent in their college applications, nothing really counts anymore. Which is fine; it just makes the rest of us resentful and jealous.

Teachers are also struggling a bit to keep morale as they watch their worksheets go to waste, and still have a constant stream of homework and essays to correct. It must be heartbreaking for them to watch their seniors’ eyes glaze over, and freshmen, sophomores, and juniors staring blankly at the board with vague frowns.

In short, second semester is a grand old time, but only for those of us who can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The rest of us are struggling.