Staying Home Sick: Not Worth the Woe


Reilly Moran, Staff Writer

Staying home sick has gone from the best thing in the world to a desperate measure. As you get older, staying home and missing school gets harder and is not worth it. Although the perks of staying home are great, the stress of missing school can definitely overwhelm the positives.

Missing a day of school can result in a large amount of make up work and put you behind immensely. This added stress and late nights spent trying to try to understand the work you missed can cause you to feel worse than before. As a result of the stress felt by missing school, many kids go back to school earlier than they should, which can spread the sickness to even more students. This cycle especially seems to affect Miramonte in the winter months when students are just sick and tired, but the workload is high. You come back to school, still sick, with more work than you had before.

Teachers don’t seem to understand that you have make up work in every class, and that you still don’t feel well, so it is hard to catch back up. Let’s say you miss one day; that’s six or seven periods, with four or five being academic.Two nights of homework are due the day after you get back, you missed the instruction on what you’re doing now, and there is no slowing down to catch up.

“Missing school honestly isn’t worth it. The amount of make up work is ridiculous and unless you’re extremely sick, missing more than one day is honestly disgusting,” junior Kelly McKeen said.

Although the appeal of Netflix, laying on the couch, eating good food, and hanging out with pets is very tempting, the immediate afterthought of make up work, tests, and difficult teachers is too much for some people. For others, an easier work load and easier teachers make not showing up to school worth it.

“My homework load usually isn’t a lot so the make up work isn’t much. Plus I take study hall which helps me get stuff done,” sophomore Kallie Deakins said.

Then there is the issue of how many days you have to miss. Missing one is hard, but manageable if you go about it the right way. But some illnesses require at least a couple days of recovery, if not up to a week. Imagine all that make up work piling up, not actually learning any of the material, and just sitting at home stressing about it all. In addition, teachers have very different policies regarding late work, and keeping all of these on track can be very difficult, even for short periods of time.