Senior Lot Over Run by Desperate Parents

Maddie Geary, Business Manager

One of the best parts of finally being a senior at Miramonte is getting access to the convenient senior lot. Not only is it rewarding to be able to pick a spot next to your friends, but it also gives seniors a sense of accomplishment of having completed three years of high school.

However, this lot that is supposed to be reserved for seniors (and provides the added bonus of being able to leave your house in the morning five minutes later because your parking spot is guaranteed), is being bombarded by Miramonte parents.

I do not see a real issue with cars without a senior lot pass driving through the lot during school hours. Why? Because they aren’t in anyone’s way. If a parent wants to drop off their senior’s lunch during third period, I think it is perfectly acceptable for them to drive through the lot to get to their child’s car. However, the real issue is during the traffic times – which seems to attract parents to the “shortcut” lot even more.

Although they probably view it as harmless, I have been a personal victim of the crime. Last month, I turned into school with three minutes left to get to class, which would have worked out perfectly if a parent hadn’t decided to cut the traffic in the designated traffic circle. This woman stopped her car in the middle of the senior lot (didn’t even park to the side!) and waited for her daughter to leisurely get out of the car and unload her backpack, lunch, and poster for a project. I was behind the car for two full minutes (yes I did time it), which resulted in me getting a tardy in my Calculus class.

Luckily, the Miramonte security officer has recently made an effort to diminish the parents from unlawfully trespassing the senior lot. There is a sign posted at the entrance of the lot that clearly states for only seniors who have a pass to enter the lot, and the guards stand watch before school.

While this is an applaudable effort on the Miramonte staff’s behalf, it is the Miramonte parents turn to step up and follow the rules just like all the rest of us do. Respect the traffic rules and realize that what you think is a harmless shortcut is actually affecting a senior who should be applauded for showing up to school in the first place!