New Lockdown Policy Heads in Right Direction

Reilly Moran, Staff writer

The intruder scare last month that put Miramonte on lockdown during lunch showed some weaknesses in our intruder alert system. Students were instructed to go to their 4th period class, which widely did not occur. The Miramonte administration decided they needed a new way to account for students and staff during a lockdown, and so the school tried out a new system two weeks ago.

In this recent drill, each student was informed over the loudspeaker at the start of the drill to use a nearby device, such as a phone or ipad, to follow a link they should have received on their school loop stating their name, grade, and location. Most students opened the email, opened the link, followed the instructions on the Google doc, then sat silently in their class waiting for the drill to end. Unfortunately, some students either did not have access to a device or just point blank refused to fill out the form.

I think that this was a good idea, and a system definitely needs to be put in place because lockdowns are a serious occurrence that are happening all too often around the country these days. Some protocol has to be put in place before a real threat to our student body occurs.

The only downfall I see with this system is the technology piece. Relying on technology always comes with a risk of crashing, glitches, the wrong link being sent, or people taking too long to fill out the doc. Maybe some people don’t have a phone to use, and won’t be accounted for. Many students may fear being in a bathroom alone, or diving into the nearest unlocked classroom to find that they are the only person in the room and don’t have a device to fill out the doc.

No system will be flawless, and I think a couple more trial runs could be helpful. This new system seems to be a success and should continue to be implemented. There are always glitches in technology, but you have to trust peoples common sense in the time of emergencies.