Make Way for Student DJs

Make Way for Student DJs

Andrew Deaver, Staff Writer

Many students at Miramonte have witnessed a bad DJ first hand, but it may be unclear what makes a DJ bad. Bad DJs all tend to have one similar feature: none of them are in high school.The major issue is that DJs that aren’t in high school don’t know the kind of music we like. That is a pretty crucial component and already sets he or she up for failure. Having attended numerous school dances, (welcome back, Junior prom, Homecoming… etc) I have noticed a common trait amongst most of the DJs: they kill almost every drop. A drop is common especially in electronic dance music styles. It is a point in a music track where a switch of rhythm or bass line occurs and usually follows a recognizable build section and break.

This issue would be averted if the school would hire a DJ from the school. Student DJ’s are more experienced in mixing all types of music and genres that appeal to their peers. Another positive of hiring a student DJ is that they are cheaper to hire. From prior experience, both as a DJ, and a bystander: a good DJ plays the best current, “Bangers” or “Slaps” and mixes all genres of music and not just one. A Miramonte student would be very capable of DJ a school dance or Prom.

The genres that appeal to high schoolers are edm, which stands for electronic dance music, house (lighter beats and bass), deep house(deeper beats and bass), trap, rap, and especially throwback hip-hop from the 2000’s. Nothing gets a crowd more riled up than playing the throwback banger Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado and Timbaland.

Another issue that arises when hiring a non high school DJ is the lack of attention to requests made by students. In prior events such as Prom, students made a playlist of songs for the DJ to play, but the DJ would not carry out the requests, and instead play their own music. A student DJ, on the other hand, would listen to the requests, and perhaps even play the songs students want to hear without them having to ask.

A student DJ would be more apt to listen to their peers than a non student DJ because they would want to listen to the same types of music. It is a safer and more cost-efficient decision to hire a student DJ than a non student DJ.