Opinion: Not All Students Walked Out for the Same Reasons

Max Kreutzelman, Staff Writer

On November 10th, Miramonte students participated in a walk out protesting the president-elect Donald Trump after his surprising victory over Hillary Clinton. The rally was led by junior Jayne Latimer and assisted by senior Blake Sharp. Students assembled on the  quad then moved to the streets of Orinda where they walked around OIS and back to school. After the protest many students neglected to come back to class, feeling the urge to rebel. “I left because I had a test to do and I did not study so when I heard that there was an opportunity to cut, I did,”an anonymous sophomore student said. Another sophomore  student said, “I went on the walk out because I hate school and I wanted to leave.” Multiple students had the same response, which led me to believe that this walkout was not really a protest, but rather a get-out-of-class free pass. Some teachers encouraged students to protest their anger of president-elect Donald Trump and express opinions about something they truly believed in. If you acknowledge the consequences but decide to continue anyway, then protesting is an admirable endeavor when truly fighting for a cause. Simply joining this protest for the wrong reasons, as many students did, leads me to question some of my peers and how much they actually care about our country and our political system.