Miramonte Cheerleaders Become Competitive

Hannah Tennant

With their sassy clapping, catchy rhymes, flips, kicks and omnipresent  smiles,  cheerleaders raise the spirits of any sports fan. Cheerleaders are the link between the athlete and the spectator, and they remain positive even when a discouraged team takes the field. The time has come for a little taste of MHS’s own cheer squad.

Every summer, Miramonte cheerleaders go to a camp filled with dance routines and team bonding. This summer they attended a camp at UC Davis.

“It’s only four days long, so we pack a lot of new material into those days,” said Christine Requa ‘11. “But we really bond as a team and it’s a lot of fun.”

At camp, they learned many new routines.

“We had a total blast!” said co-captain Sasha Belinksy ‘10. “The team is a little smaller this year, so we had more of a chance to bond and we are all a little bit crazy, so that made it fun. We practiced and learned more stunts and techniques, and a few sideline and game day cheers as well. We learned three very cool dances, and had to perform everything we learned just about everyday.”

This year the squad is entering many competitions, with their first in late November. The competitions take place all over the Bay Area, with Nationals in Southern California.

This is their second year with coach Rebecca George. With her help, they have been able to improve their routines.

“Our squad would be nowhere without Ms. George,” said Tatyana Belinsky ‘12.

“Not only has she created awesome routines and helped us improve our technique so we can compete, but she has guided us to continuously improve our school’s spirit.”

Team captains lead the team with George’s help. This year’s captains are Sasha Belinksy ‘10 and Laura Weston ‘10. With their leadership, the cheer squad hopes to attain their goals this season.

“Our main goals for the season are to learn more complicated stunts, to advertise cheer so we can have a bigger team next year, and to hopefully win some of our competitions,” said Tatyana Belinksy.

Cheerleading requires a lot of commitment, unlike some seasonal sports.

“We don’t really have an off season; we cheer for football and basketball but continue practicing throughout the spring and summer,” said Requa.

The squad recently held a kids camp where they taught 50-60 kids how to be cheerleaders. They practiced routines with them all week, and at the game against Dublin on Oct.  9, the kids got to perform with them during halftime.

“It was a huge success!” said Emily Tribble ‘11. “All of the little girls had so much fun being cheerleaders for the night.”

The halftime shows are the highlight of the cheerleaders’ performance, and they look forward to showcasing their talent once a game.

“After practicing our routine hard all week, it’s fun to finally perform it for a crowd.” “When we see everyone’s spirit and excitement, it’s a great sense of accomplishment,” said Tatyana Belinsky.