Sports Medicine Column: Athletic trainer John Grigsby, saving lives one injury at a time

Austin Controulis

Health Tip of the issue:
Mid Semester Energy: How to stay focused in a dead spot in the school year.
Red Bulls aren’t the answer when it comes to staying focused in class.  Energy drinks have four times the amount of caffeine than a single cup of coffee does.  It dehydrates and increases heart rate and blood pressure.  It also increases insomnia, which leads to lower immune systems and increases chance of illness.  If you need a way to stay focused in class, eat healthy food and exercise.  This gives you the same amount of energy that an energy drink would, and it is considered natural energy, which is better for the body.  Like John says, “Why put something in your body once, like an energy drink, if you are not willing to put it in for the rest of your life?”

Sports Question of the issue:
What is the best way to stay in shape in the offseason?
John’s Answer: Cross-Train! Have fun challenging your body and brain with different activities.  Try something new or ride a bike up Mt. Diablo. Add strength by doing lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, dips, and core exercises.

Submit your questions to the Mirador in room 331 or John Grigsby in the training room.