NCAA Football Bowl Predictions

Citi BCS National Championship Game
(1) Alabama vs. (2) Texas
Nick:  Alabama – I believe Texas is unproven this year while Alabama is the most proven of them all, going undefeated in the SEC and destroying Florida in the SEC championship game.

Austin:  Alabama – If you come out and beat Florida 34-13 then you have my vote.  Texas hasn’t convinced me this season, especially since they barely and unconvincingly beat Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship.  ‘Bama is going to take this game with ease.

Heisman winner Mark Ingram helped Alabama to an undefeated season and a shot at the national championship.
Heisman winner Mark Ingram helped Alabama to an undefeated season and a shot at the national championship.

Rose Bowl presented by Citi
(7) Oregon vs. (8) Ohio State
A:  Oregon – Ohio State’s defense is good but they are no match to Jeramiah Masoli’s ability to make something happen on a broken play.  Oregon’s ability to run the spread option with LaMichael James, LeGarrette Blount, and Masoli is unstoppable and Ohio’s offense won’t be able to pick up the defense’s slack with Tyrell Pryor’s unpredictable play.

N:  Oregon – Ignore Oregon’s loss to Boise State at the beginning of the year.  They have one of the best offenses in the country with Masoli at quarterback and new running back tandem James and Blount.  Ohio State quarterback Pryor does not live up to the hype.

Allstate Sugar Bowl
(3) Cincinatti vs. (5) Florida
N:  Florida – Florida’s defense can stop Cincinnati’s high caliber offense, while ripping apart the weak Cincy defense.
A:  Florida – Cincy barely beat Pitt, and as we know from the past how Tim Tebow and the Gators don’t take losses easily so I expect Florida to come out and run the score up on the Bearcats.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
(4) TCU vs. (6) Boise St.
A:  TCU – This is going to be a good game, but Boise doesn’t have another big bowl win left in them. TCU is going to come out pretty upset since they didn’t make the National Championship game and I expect them to take it out on Boise.

N: TCU – This game is essentially an NIT championship.  TCU should win this game because they went undefeated while playing real opponents.   If Boise State wanted to impress me this season, they wouldn’t have been down to UC Davis and they would have shut out at least half of their opponents rather than one.

FedEx Orange Bowl
(9) Georgia Tech vs. (10) Iowa
N:  Iowa – This pick is completely biased but what can I say? Iowa is a better team in every way.  Plus they have luck on their side.

A:  Georgia Tech – First off Nick is a die-hard Iowa fan so I’m just going against him to make him mad.  Secondly, Josh Nesbitt is a beast and Iowa’s defense won’t be able to stop the triple option.

Capitol One Bowl
(12) LSU vs. (13) Penn St.
A:  LSU – Penn State had a weak schedule playing in the Big 10 and that is why they went 10-2.  LSU plays in the SEC, that’s all that needs to be said. It’s a harder conference.

N: Penn State – Both teams are good, but neither has beaten a mentionable team.  I’m picking Penn State merely because they are a Big 10 team.  I have more confidence in Penn State coaches after that LSU clock mishap against Mississippi.

Maaco Las Vegas Bowl
(14) BYU vs. (18) Oregon State
N:  Oregon State – I liked how Beavers quarterback Sean Canfield looked against Oregon.  He should do even better against a weak BYU pass defense.

A:  Oregon State – I am taking Oregon State because the Rodgers brothers are ridiculously talented and with the Beavers coming extremely close to beating the Ducks in the Civil War they are going to be hungry for a win.  On top of this I think BYU’s No. 14 ranking is way too generous based on their poor schedule and won’t put up a  fight in this game.
Pacific Life Holiday Bowl
(20) Arizona vs. (22) Nebraska
A:  Arizona – They are going to be coming into this game with tons of confidence after beating USC for the first time in the last seven matchups. That’s all they need.

N:  Arizona – I believe in Mike Stoops.

Brut Sun Bowl
(21) Stanford vs. Oklahoma
A:  Stanford – Sounds like it would be a boring bowl based on the name but it has two good teams playing in it.  I am taking Stanford in this one solely on the fact that Toby Gerhart is a beast and will run all over the Sooners.

N:  Oklahoma – Oklahoma has one of the top defenses in the country.  Four of their five losses have been by less than a touchdown.  But they’ve never faced a running back like Toby Gerhart.

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl
(23) Utah vs. California
N:  Cal – I don’t have much confidence in Cal right now, but Utah has lost every big game this year.  Not only do they have more skill, Cal will be motivated after an embarrassing loss to Washington in their final game.

A:  Who cares! Cal sucks. Riley makes horrible decisions and is a joke of a quarterback, and it’s not clear if Best will be back. Utah had a joke of a schedule.  Both teams are unimpressive but if Best is back Cal will probably win.