Talented Wrestling Team Off to a Slow Start

Sophia Rogers

Generally, when wrestling is brought up in conversation, it is very hard to find something intelligent to say about the sport. It’s elusive, mysterious, and generally ignored by the media. Upon investigation, wrestling is a nuanced sport with layers and intrigue.

Mats wrestling recently kicked off their season at the start of November with a tournament and a regular league game at home.

Because wrestling is difficult for outsiders to understand, Mirador takes on the task of explaining the sport through the eyes of an amateur.

A pin is when a wrestler is able to get their opponent completely flat on their back, and whoever does this ends the match and takes the win. There is also a move called a take down, which is when one man brings the other from the standing position to all-fours; worth two points. If a wrestler is able to escape from the start position (all-fours), they are also awarded two points. A wrestler is awarded three points for each near fall, or when a wrestler is close to being pinned.

Each wrestler gets individual scores based on the amount of accumulated points they rack up during the fight, with each match worth a different amount of points based on the previous events.  A decision, worth three team points, is when the winner wins by fewer than eight points. A major decision is when a match is won by eight to 14 points and is worth four team points. A technical fall is getting ahead by over 15 points, without achieving a pin. This is worth five team points. If an opponent doesn’t show or is disqualified, the match is worth six team points.

This year, the wrestling team has started off with one loss against Alhambra. The Mats were beaten out by nine points, in what would be classified as a major decision.

“We lost because they had more people, they also have more experience than we do,” said Alexi Robbins ’10.

However, the team is optimistic for the future, because of the recent influx of new boys, soon to become men (after a mysterious off-campus “festival”)

This years captains are Kurt Linderman, Chris Hart, Jarad Chernila, and Brian Oczkus.
Although the Mats season is off to a slow start, they have many optimistic and talented wrestlers, as well asmore games to prove their prowess.