2010 Winter Olympics Preview, Eh?

As the 2010 Olympics near, all eyes are on Vancouver as the best winter athletes descend upon the Canadian city. Along with Jeremy Unger, the Mirador consulted our own resident Canadian, Davis Louie, to get his opinions on each of the events.

Alpine skiing: The return of superstar/alcoholic skiier Bode Miller will highlight a strong U.S. team, but the Americans will face a huge challenge from European powers Austria, Switzerland, Norway, and Italy. On the women’s side, Number one ranked skier Lindsey Vohn is looking to sweep the four Alpine events and lead the Americans to victory.
Davis’ Take: No longer seeing double, Bode should have no problem taking home the gold.

Biathlon: Okay, this has to be the most ridiculous and unique sport in the world. I mean, who decides to combine cross-country skiing and target shooting into a sport, and then put it into the Olympics? A must see.
Davis’ Take: When Call of Duty doesn’t pose enough of a challege.

Bobsled: The only knowledge of this sport that I have comes from the movie Cool Runnings, so unless the Jamaican bobsled team makes an appearance I probably won’t be tuning in.
Davis’ Take: See the rhythm hear the rhyme get on up it’s bobsled time.

Luge/Skeleton: For those who don’t think bobsledding is dangerous enough, luge and skeleton basically offer individual bobsledding, but on a small board barely able to fit one’s body. Expect some serious injuries and crashes from this one.
Davis’ Take: This event is bad to the bone, I want to see some sick crashes.

Cross country skiing: This event pits skiers in a grueling race over varied, mostly flat terrain. Although it can seem like a boring event, especially at the longer distances, the sprint finishes can come down to tenths of a second, so at least check in at the end of the race.
Davis’ Take: Like running but you have two sticks strapped to your feet.

Curling: The official sport of janitors, curling actually requires more than just the ability to sweep a broom. Geometric calculations are necessary to get the stones as close to the target, especially with multiple stones.
Davis’ Take: It’s the 21st century and we’re still throwing stones?

Figure skating: Really?
Davis’ Take: …

Freestyle skiing: With the introduction of ski cross (a ski race most similar to moto cross), freestyle skiing should actually be worth watching this year. Whether American star Daron Rahlves will be able to race is up in the air after his crash in Winter X Games 14.
Davis’ Take: Gravity is the only motor found here.

Ice hockey: With NHL stars Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby going at it for their respective countries, maybe we’ll see a big matchup between Canada and Russia.
Davis’ Take: By far the coolest game on earth.

Nordic combined: A combination of ski jumping and cross country skiing, this is another one of those Winter Olympic sports where you wonder where it came from. However, like the Biathalon, we are deeply intrigued.
Davis’ Take: Cross contry skiing…with ski jumping…fun.

Speed skating: All eyes will be on American star Apollo Anton Ohno, who only needs two golds to be the most decorated speed skater in Olympic history. If he can return to the level of excellence that he showed in Salt Lake City in 2002 then expect the golds to start totaling up.
Davis’ Take: Speed skating= really fast skating.

Ski jumping:  A primarily European event, ski jumping requires sheer will to complete these distance jumps, which can be over 750 feet long. This year will be quite contentious since the Olympic Committee has removed women’s ski jumping from the Olympics, causing a group of female ski jumpers to file suit in Canadian court, which was rejected.
Davis’ Take: The closest man gets to flight.

Snowboarding: The flying tomato Shaun White should have a cakewalk to the gold in Vancouver, but his biggest challenge will be his American teammates Louie Vito and Greg Bretz, who have consistently shown to be better than their European counterparts.
Davis’ Take: Shaun White, you’re making gingers around the world proud.