Men’s Soccer Struggles

Aleck Ryner

Miramonte loses to Campolindo, little hope remains for NCS

The Miramonte men’s soccer team is having a rough season. They have only scored six goals through the first eight games and three of them were in a recent tie against Alhambra. However, the team, led by Eric Sassano ‘10, Trevor Gorham ‘10, Cody Unger ‘10 and Michael Pitt ‘10, has not lost all hope yet.

“Things have been a little bit rough this season, especially because we haven’t won a game yet, but I think we will definitely win one of our upcoming games, either against Dublin or Acalanes,” said Ashraf Mathkour ‘11.

Injuries have plagued the team throughout the year. Sassano was injured for a stretch of time, Pitt was out with an ankle injury, and Unger missed a few games when he collided with another player and got stitches. But now that the team is finally back at full strength, they have the ability to compete with most of the teams in NCS.

“We have the talent to win NCS, but we need to be at full strength to have any chance of winning,” said Mathkour.

However, to have any chance of even making the NCS tournament, the team will likely need to win out in their last two games, which are against Dublin and Acalanes. This feat may be unlikely, however, as they were handily defeated by Dougherty Valley 0-5, Acalanes 0-3, and Campolindo 1-3.

In their second game against Dougherty Valley however, they managed a tie, so the season could still be salvaged.

If they can’t find the firepower to score more than one goal a game, it is unlikely that they will even make the NCS playoffs.

The Mats play Dublin today at home.