Young Wrestling Team Remains Competetive

Hannah Tennant

The pure mass of unbridled strength and fury that is Miramonte’s men’s wrestling team has nearly doubled in size since last year. The team is working hard to teach the sport and to get everyone to the same skill level.

“These new wrestlers are a talented and focused bunch and are already bringing home medals from tournaments,” said captain Jared Chernila ‘10.

On Jan. 14, Miramonte defeated Acalanes 42 – 36, exemplifying their brute strength. And again on Jan. 21, the Mats dominated Dougherty Valley with a final score of 48-30.

The Mats did not expect to do well against Dublin, but they pushed through and did much better than they had imagined, with a final score of 21-55. Nate Woldenfeld-Omran ‘12 started off the match by pinning his opponent, and led to a series of winnings from athletes such as Christian Kelly ‘12, and Philip Hoxie ‘13 and Micah Spalding ‘13.

There is a new coaching duo, which consists of Miramonte alum and now head coach Sam Worth ‘09, and his father, Mike Worth. This year’s captains are Chernila, Kurt Linderman ‘10, Brian Oczkus ‘10 and Chris Hart ‘10.

Because of all the new wrestlers, the team will not attend NCS, but this is a goal for future years. The more older, more experienced wrestlers are working towards NCS individually.
In a wrestling match, the last few minutes are the hardest. This is the time when you are the most worn-down physically, yet it is the time when your strength matters the most.

“No other sport is muscle vs. muscle, man vs. man as much as wrestling is,” said Linderman. “Your opponent is going 100%, which means you have to be going 100%. You’re constantly moving, constantly straining, but when you win it’s a great feeling. You were physically better than your opponent.”

Thus, these moments of stressful tension make way for moments of exhilarating success. In order for a wrestler to experience the feeling of victory, he or she must exert all the pysical strength possible.

“When wrestling, you feel most successful when you realize you’ve pinned the guy and you’re standing over him with a grin on your face that says, ‘Good try, but I worked harder,’” said Bryce Pummer ‘11.

Last night the Mats played against Las Lomas in their final at home dual meet, where they celebrated the senior wrestlers. Chernila brought up a powerful wrestling motto:  “Do not give up, do not get pinned, and stay focused on bringing home the gold.”