Frisbee Flies Towards Tournaments

Sean McGeer

The Miramonte Ultimate Frisbee team is ramping up for competition as tournament season rapidly approaches.

The captains scheduled conditioning and extra practices in order to prepare the athletes for their upcoming games.

The team passes a frisbee around at a game.

However, despite the increased workouts and practices, the team still takes a casual approach to their sport.

“It’s competitive, but at the same time it’s pretty laid back,” said Captain Philip Chang ‘11.  “It’s fun and you can meet new people, stay in shape, win trophies, and wear cool clothes.”

Ultimate is a football-esque team created by Joel Silver, played on a playing field with two endzones.  Action is composed of throws of a flying disc (usually called a Frisbee) where a player catches the disc and has ten seconds to pass it to one of their teammates.   Players holding the disc cannot move.  A team scores when they successfully pass the disc to someone in their endzone.

“Our team is actually pretty casual.  It’s more about fun than actually winning,” said Chang.

Despite their focus on fun rather than winning, the Miramonte team won third in State four years ago and came in second two years ago.

Their coach, Chemistry teacher Jennifer Moore, has taken a more advisory role with the team.  The team itself is mostly student-run, with responsibilities broken up between four team captains.  Moore thinks the Miramonte structure is superior to other school sports that follow a more formal structure because the students learn how to improve their leadership skills.

“The kids really thrive on responsibility, and as long as they’re willing to put the time in, I’m willing to help. They coach each other,” said Moore.