Preview: Dodgeball’s Top 25 Players

Jeremy Unger

No other Miramonte activity has captivated students more than the annual Dodgeball tournament. This year’s tournament will be the third time that teams featuring teachers, students, and school officials will compete for the title of best team at Miramonte. In this issue, Mirador picks the top 25 best players in the tournament. Note: Due to the fact that signups have not ended, this article assumes that all of these people will participate in this year’s tournament.

1. Michael Mann: The reigning MVP has the entire package: catching, throwing, dodging. He’s the perfect player.
2. Drew Jackson: Bursting on to the scene last year, Jackson has a cannon and is a capable catcher, but he doesn’t have the experience yet.
3. Justin Sawrey-Kubicek: With an injury last year, JSK wasn’t able to show his stuff, but with a hairdo like that, how could he not be good?
4. John Coupin: COUPIN THROW BALL!!!
5. James King: He’s a flat-out pure athlete, but has too much attention to football weakened his game?
6. Alex Joss: One of the best catchers in the tournament, he needs to work on his arm to rise up higher in the rankings.
7. Kevin Paulsen: As the catcher for the Mats baseball team, Paulsen has experience catching and throwing. Let’s see if it translates to dodgeball.
8. Joey Fabian: The water polo team’s flamethrower, he could lead the tournament in kills if he works on his accuracy.
9. Troy Akin: Can this Justin Bieber aficionado play dodgeball? Oh, baby, baby, baby, oh yes!
10. Raul Jacobson: The ace pitcher of the baseball team can definitely bring the heat, but his dodging ability is the big question.
11. John Holland: An All-American water polo player, Holland will try to finally prove that water polo ability can translate to dodgeball.
12. Brian Ostrom: Ostrom’s hole allows him to absorb shock when catching the ball, making him a perfect catcher.
13. Anthony Piganelli: Using a soccer goalie style throw, Piganelli has a decent arm, but his height makes him an easy target.
14. Andy Joss: The younger Joss has to prove that he can play at the same level as his brother.
15. John “The Trainer” Grigsby: This jack-of-all-trades teacher has participated in many P.E. activities during seventh period this year to gain experience.
16. Aleck Ryner: The backup goalie in water polo, Ryner was one of the best catchers in last year’s early rounds.
17. Xavier Frippiat: He bikes everywhere, so of course he can play dodgeball.
18. Charlie Wiser: The freshman-phenom will hopefully have a strong debut for the water polo team.
19. Davis Louie: This basketball player is an all star when it comes to handling balls.
20. Tyler Davis: Davis is one of the most competitive people at Miramonte; look for him to be one of the baseball team’s rising stars this year.
21.  James Lathrop: A former Cal water polo star, Lathrop has participated in multiple Miramonte sporting events like the volleyball game.
22. Jack Pietrykowski: The golden boy; he’s destined for greatness.
23. Ross Anderson: This gargantuan sophomore is a pure athlete.
24. Adam Clark: Miramonte’s new principal is a flat-out boss, period.
25. Chris Perry: Perry has some of the best dodging ability, but his lack of any other skills makes him at best a compliment player.

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