Two Way Street: Sports Editors Grant Huhn and Nick Eliason talk nicknames, facial hair, and superstitions

“Twice the editor, half the emotion”

Nicknames round 2:

1. Joe “The Show” Mauer – He’s arguably the best player in baseball and he’s on the cover of the video game.
2. Cole “Hairpin” Hamels – This guy seemed to work more on his looks than his game last season.
3. Dustin “Timone” Pedroia – He’s small like a meercat .

1. “Slip” – a young and slender person…. Stephen Curry anyone? He looks like the youngest athlete in sports. After posting 42 points, nine rebounds, and eight assists in his final game of the season, Steph deserves some nickname love from the NBA… and the Rookie of the Year award.
2. Jason “Beaker” Bay – If anyone recalls the Muppets, there is a character named Beaker who has a long skinny head and looks really awkward, closely resembling J-Bay.
3. O.J. “Butter” Mayo – No description necessary.

Best non baseball player baseball team:

P BJ Penn- If you can throw a punch, you can throw a ball.
C Iker  Casillas- Real Madrid’s goalkeeper is one of the best ball stoppers out there.
1B Dirk Nowitzki- He’s tall and coordinated.
2B Stephen Curry- He seems to do everything right.
3B S.R. Tendulkar- As one of the elite cricket batsmen in the world, he could probably transfer that skill to baseball.
SS Steve Nash- No look throws to first?
LF Larry Fitzgerald- He can catch anything near him.
CF Usain Bolt- He could cover the whole outfield.
RF Chris Johnson- The fastest player in the NFL couldn’t hurt.

P Drew Brees- Enough said.
C Evgeni Nabokov- The Sharks goalie would call a good game and stop any wild pitch.
1B Will Jefferson- The tallest professional cricketer ever at 6’10’’.
2B Carlos Boozer- The best pick and roll combo in the NBA has to be able to turn a good double play.
3B Rafael Nadal- Good slap-hitter with some speed at the top of the order.
SS  Deron Williams- (See 2B)
LF Kobe Bryant- Need him for the clutch base hit in the bottom of the ninth.
CF Monta Ellis- He would run down any ball hit into the outfield.
RF Vernon Davis- Can definitely run down/catch a fly ball and is a strong guy who could potentially bat cleanup.

Best Facial Hair in Sports:

Dustin Hermanson has a butterfly beard.  I noticed this guy’s erratic beard while he played short stop as a Giant.   Hermanson’s mostly unimpressive career did have one high point when he closed games for the World Series champion White Sox. But he will be remembered more for one of the best, most elaborate beards in major league history.

Drew Gooden is known to do some weird things with his hair to attract attention to himself. The bald head with a square patch of hair on his upper neck was weird, but the muttonchops and parted beard look takes the cake. During his stint with the Chicago Bulls, Gooden added some spice to his bald head with muttonchops and a disgusting looking beard. The beard was parted into seven different strands of nasty curling hair.

Craziest Sports Superstitions:

Urinating on one’s own hands.  You may think this is gross, and you couldn’t be more right.  But it apparently helps to build calluses, at least according to Moises Alou and Jorge Posada.  Both players bat without gloves, and thus the need for toughened hands.  I just want to know if they let it sit there for a while or what? Maybe they cup it in their hands?  Do they do this in public restrooms?  Does it become a natural motion to just stick their hands out when they’re going to the bathroom?

If there’s ever a soda that I crave, it’s Mountain Dew. So when it comes to superstitions, I have to give it up to Caron Butler. Butler used to down half of a two-liter bottle of Mountain Dew before every game, then at half-time finish the bottle. I’m not sure how he pulled this off, but it was obviously not conducive to good health, even though he was putting up all-star numbers during his Mountain Dew binge.