Power Balance Bracelets Sweep the Nation

by Mollie Swan

Since they were created in 2007, Power Balance wristbands have become more popular among athletes. These silicone wristbands have two Mylar holograms embedded in them, designed to work with your body’s natural energy field.
The overall goal of a Power Balance bracelet or pendant is to help your body and its energy work more efficiently. Many athletes report noticeable improvements in their balance, flexibility, strength, and overall performance while using Power Balance.

Many professional baseball, football, and basketball players can be seen wearing Power Balance wristbands during practices and games. Athletes such as Shaquille O’Neil, Fred Couples, Ricky Romero, Lamar Odom, Nicole Branagh and Todd Rogers are strong advocates of this trend. “I definitely feel a difference on the court when I wear the wristband. It gives me more energy and balance,” Odom of the Los Angeles Lakers posted on his website.

The fad has now spread to college, high school, and club sports all over the country. Power Balance sets up booths at tournaments and other sporting events where they inform athletes about the product and allow them to test it.
“Power Balance bracelets work. It gives me that extra strength, whether I’m hitting or lifting,” said baseball player Drew Jackson ‘12.

Although many athletes now depend on Power Balance to help them perform well, many others do not believe in the hype. Many athletes refuse to believe that a simple wristband can improve your skills and athletic abilities. Some even found that wearing the wristband had negative effects.

“I tried wearing a Power Balance bracelet during basketball one day and within 10 minutes my head began to throb and my stomach hurt. I felt horrible until I took it off,” said Jack Houston ‘12.

It is also argued that the effect of a Power Balance bracelet is purely placebo. According to John Grigsby, Miramonte’s athletic trainer, even if this is true, it is not harmful to wear the bracelet. It may even be beneficial for athletes if they think the bracelet will help them perform better.

Athletes are not the only people who find these wristbands helpful. Some elderly people who are challenged by their diminishing strength find that wearing a Power Balance wristband makes them feel stronger. Others have found it helps fight off motion sickness.

No one can say whether Power Balance wristbands truly work or if it is only in the mind of the athletes. For as long as they are out there, this debate will continue, but if you’re a believer then more power to ya’.