San Francisco Giants Take Home World Series Title

by Trevor Rechnitz

Ahhh. That’s my sigh of relief. A sigh that’s dwelled deep within me for the past 56 years (fine, only 16). Back in the yonder-year of 1954, when Dwight Eisenhower was President, the New York Giants swept the Cleveland Indians to take their fifth title in team history. Back in the days when gas was 21 cents a gallon, and there were no baseball teams west of the Mississippi, the New York Giants reigned supreme. But now, 56 years later, captivating the world by giving the “city by the bay” its first crown, the San Francisco Giants are world champions (can you believe it?!).

A self proclaimed group of “misfits” flipped what was predicted to be another typical October-less season for the Giants into a dream come true for millions of tortured followers.

Outfielder Cody Ross, who knocked in 10 runs in the postseason with a team-leading five homers, was poised to watch the 2010 postseason on TV, as a fan. Who would have thought “Ross The Boss,” a midseason waivers claim from the mediocre Florida Marlins, would end up being the driving force behind a world championship? General and team managers Brian Sabean and Bruce Bochy, that’s who. These masterminds behind this 2010 miracle made numerous moves that proved an army of skeptics wrong and showcased their extensive knowledge of the game of baseball, as well as their team.

However, these managers didn’t need to make any difficult decisions when it came to making use of Giant’s catcher (and stud), Buster Posey. Ever since May 29, the day he took the big league by storm, Posey has been a leading presence on the team in the regular as well as post-season.

Props go out to the entire Giants’ organization, who somehow blended a group of players that no one else wanted to create an offense just potent enough to support their team’s pitching staff. But it’s not like the pitching staff played a key role in our championship run or anything. Oh wait, I almost forgot about their 1.87 ERA throughout September and their 2.45 ERA in the World Series, not to mention holding the Texas Rangers to a .190 average all throughout the Fall Classic.
And let me just say, I’m still having nightmares about our bullpen’s beards. Take a close look at Brian Wilson’s get-up, I dare you. It’s about as natural as Barry Bonds’s homerun record (100% real, baby!). Wilson didn’t yield an earned run in the postseason and recorded six saves along the way (betcha’ he couldn’t have done it without “THE MACHINE”).

So Giants’ fanatics, our day has come.

And let’s pray for many more like this. There’s nothing like reliving unforgettable moments shared over a common love (high five!). To all you non-believers, better luck next year.