Volleyball Works to Secure NCS Seeding

Brian Tan

The women’s volleyball team has been off to a strong start, going 10-2 in league play.  Their only losses came against Campolindo.

After losing three key seniors, two of which went on to play Division I collegiate volleyball, the team has come together and vastly improved from the beginning of their season.

The Lady Mats have participated in five tournaments so far, winning the consolation round in two of them and placing in the top eight in the most recent tournament.

The team has completed  all of their league matches, but unfortunately they lost two tough matches to their rival, Campolindo.  The Lady Mats clinched the first set 25-23 in a match in which the Cougars were heavily favored, but the Lady Mats put up a good fight.

“NCS is a reachable goal for us,” said captain Kirsten Rutledge ‘11.  “We had a rough start, but we are getting better as a team and the chemistry is much improved.”

With five new players on the team, the returning players have stressed teamwork and team spirit.  Some of the key players include captains Rutledge and Jane Siri ‘11, Mollie Swan ‘12, Sarah Vaccaro ‘12, Audrey Breitwieser ‘12 and Beryl Slezak ‘13.
“A lot of the younger players have stepped up and the team as a whole has come together really well,” said Rutledge.

However, the team’s misfortunes have posed a potential problem for success down the road.  Several key players have gotten injured or sick and become unable to participate in matches, including Sophia Diamantidis ‘12 and Rutledge.

The Lady Mats are also looking to excel in the remaining weekend tournaments they have, as positive performances will help their NCS seeding.

Even though the Lady Mats are not lacking in skill, experience or ability, they are lacking in fan support.  In order to win their matches and represent Miramonte in NCS, the team will need to feed off fan energy and perform well.

In the second match against Campolindo, the Lady Mats fell 3-0.  The team started and finished off strongly, but could not keep up the high level of play throughout the match.

The key to winning more matches will be the Lady Mats keeping a positive attitude and not getting down on themselves.

“We can’t let ourselves break down easily and we just have to maintain confidence,” said Rutledge.