Athlete of the Issue: Megan Reid


Lacking goggles and track spikes, she poses with equipment from three of her five sports

John Coupin, Staff Writer

Life at Miramonte High School is often perceived as a stressful time because many students juggle challenging classes with an occasional sport. Most of us cannot fathom Megan Reid’s athletic and academic load. Her ability to balance four varsity sports along with seven academic classes is why, for the first time in Mirador history, that a freshman has been awarded Athlete of the Issue.

“I am really used to my routine now,” said Megan Reid ‘14. “Sports have been and are such a big part of my life. I really enjoy practicing for whatever sport it may be on that particular day.”

In high school Reid is already becoming a star quickly as she has already played on the varsity water polo team, varsity basketball team, varsity soccer team and is still planning to run track this spring.

“This is the first time since (professional volleyball player) Nicole Branagh that a Miramonte girl is competing in four varsity sports,” said Miramonte Athletic Director Vince Dell Aquila.

In soccer Reid had 13 goals this season and was given the title of MVP for the DFAL league.

“She is a beast,” said teammate Mackenzie Martin ‘11. “She is far more talented than anyone I have seen at her age.”

Also, in basketball she has played far beyond her years and was awarded honorable mention for the DFAL. In her first Campo game, she scored 10 points, grabbed seven rebounds, and had two assists.

“Her basketball skills have improved a lot this year,” said Alyssa Johanson. “She works incredibly hard, and her athletic ability is a reflection of that hard work.”

Playing two varsity sports in the same season had little effect on Reid’s athletic performances. Halfway through a basketball game at Dublin, Reid and her father hopped in the car to head to Dougherty Valley for her soccer game. Once Reid arrived at Dougherty Valley she was immediately put in, and finished the game with one goal and one assist to win the match.

Reid’s passion for all sports has always been a part of her life. She experimented with almost every sport, even those that aren’t customary for girls to try. She tried flag football, and dominated the boys in the Orinda Baseball Association. She played literally every position, and due to her excellence she was awarded with the Curtis Bottomly award for those “who show love and passion for the game.”

“I really didn’t think about being the only girl out there,” said Reid. “Actually, earlier this year I was asked by both the Miramonte softball team as well as the baseball team if I wanted to play.”

Her offseason lasts one week when she travels to Trinity Lake every year with her family the first week of the summer. Following her much appreciated break, she gets right back at it, jumping in the pool to compete in the OMPA recreational league.

Reid’s never ending commitment to her sports will surely fine tune her athletic ability, and undoubtedly give strength to her future in athletics.

Fun Facts About Megan Reid

Height: 5’8”
Favorite Movie: Harry Potter Series
Favorite Actress: Rachel McAdams
Favorite Class: Geometry
Pregame Music: Taylor Swift
Pregame Meal: Pasta
Inspiration: Her Mother