Swimming Starts Strong

Madeleine Neuburger

After strong finishes from both the men’s and women’s swim teams last year at both DFALs and NCS, the swimmers are confident they will improve even more this year.

The teams are led by a talented group of captains, consisting of Tyler Barker ‘11, Nick Deaver ‘11, Aleck Ryner ‘11, Jenna Haufler ‘12, Meredith White ‘11, and Sierra Robbins ‘11.

The men’s team is particularly strong, as they return most of last year’s squad, who finished fifth at NCS.

“We didn’t do as well as we could have at NCS last year,” said Deaver. “A lot of us scored points but overall I think we could have done a lot better.”

Standout swimmer Charlie Wiser ‘13 won the 100 breaststroke at NCS last year, with the fastest time ever for any Miramonte swimmer. Wiser also competes in the 200 IM, in which he made the finals of NCS last year.

“Our team is really deep. We had really good underclassmen and upperclassmen last year. This year we have a lot more upperclassmen, but Charlie should represent the underclassmen really well,” said Deaver.

In addition to Wiser, some of the key contributors on the men’s side are Deaver, swimming the 100 backstroke and 100 butterfly, Tennyson May ‘12, swimming the 100 and 50 freestyle, Ryner, swimming the 50 freestyle and 100 breaststroke, and Kyle Weikert ‘12, swimming the 100 butterfly and 200 freestyle.

“I believe we will definitely be in the top three this year at NCS,” said Deaver.

On the women’s side, the team brings back most of their squad that placed 10th at NCS last year.

“We’re really balanced,” said Robbins, “Last year we were a really young team so I think this year we will improve a lot at DFALs and NCS. There is a lot of room to improve for us,”
Robbins, who swims the 100 backstroke and 50 freestyle, and White, who swims the 100 and 50 freestyle, are the two main contributors for the girls’ team, but this year they should get a lot of help from across the board.

The team also hopes to get a lot of production from Haufler, Sam Swinton ‘12, Megan Howard ‘13, Margaux Attard ‘11 and Shelly Caron ‘11.

Both teams look to be on the rise, and if all goes as planned, both teams will have high finishes at both their league and section meets.