Golf Takes Aim For NCS

Georgia Briskey, Staff Writer

Swinging harder than ever, the Miramonte golf team continues to shoot low for a high rank in DFALs.

Even after a week of pouring rain and cancelled matches, the golf team brought their “A-game” to the Mar. 28 tournament and placed 4th out of 20 teams. Only one stroke away from 3rd, the team wasn’t able to follow through with the win. The team hopes to break 400 at their next tournament.

On Mar. 29 the golf team played their next match against Las Lomas at Boundary Oaks and beat the Knights with a winning score of 193. This score has been their lowest all season, and was achieved with the help of star players Henry Cassriel ‘14 and Patrick Fabian ‘13.

With DFALs coming up, the golf team practices hard to excel in the individual and partner matches. With the slight competition of Dublin and Acalanes, men’s golf hopes to win league this year.

“The rain cancelled our Dublin and Acalanes matches so we’ve just been waiting to beat them” said captain Kevin Swimmer.

With their scores lowering progressively, they have potential to put up an NCS banner up in the gym for 2010-2011.

Although the team is young with only one senior, Erik Thompson, the golf team continues to play exceptionally well despite the competition.

“Considering we’re undefeated in league, we have the confidence and determination to destroy any other team this season” said Swimmer.

On Mar. 31 the boys played and won against the in-league team Las Lomas. All players played well, which led the team to achieve their lowest score of the season.

Even when playing scrimmage matches, the golf team consistently shoots impressively low scores. On Apr. 12, Swimmer, Fabian and Cassriel each shot a 38 in the scrimmage, which would have caused a landslide win if the match counted in league play.

Playing their biggest rival on April 13, the men’s golf team lost to Dublin at San Ramon Golf Course. Dublin and Miramonte were the only teams undefeated in-league and with no one on Miramonte playing their best the loss was a true upset.

“Everyone was pretty nervous playing Dublin because they’re just as good as us. They just had the advantage of playing at home but we’ll definitely get them next week” said Fabian.

Miramonte played on April 14 and won in a tri-match against Acalanes and Alhambra.

Going into the match, the team knew beating Alhambra was an easy win, but beating Acalanes was the biggest win of the season so far.

This win allowed the team to rank higher than Acalanes in the league, which is a great accomplishment.

“I definitely like being on the golf team because we win. We’ve really improved from last year and everyone works hard and contributes to keep our scores low” said Taylor Campbell ‘13.

The week of Apr. 18 sets up a big lineup for Miramonte, with the golf team playing against all their toughest competition again including Campo, Dublin, and Acalanes.

With their consistent record this season, there’s no doubt the men’s golf team will bring it home and defeat the competition.