Mats Swimming Prepares for DFALs

Tamar McCollum, Staff Writer

Miramonte swim team is looking forward to a strong showing in both DFAL and NCS.

Captains Tyler Barker ‘11, Nick Deaver ‘11, Aleck Ryner ‘11, Jenna Haufler ‘12, Meredith White ‘11, and Sierra Robbins ‘11 have strived to motivate the team and cultivate a cohesive team spirit, which they believe will lead them to victory.

“At every race, there is someone in Mats gear cheering you on at the end of the lane. We are a lot closer this year,” said Allison Light ‘12.

Over spring break, Mats Swimming traveled to Southern California to compete at Mission Viejo. Ultimately, the women’s team came in 3rd and the men’s team came in 5th, and the team as a whole ended up placing 4th overall.

“I was very proud of a team as a whole. It was really great to place at Mission Viejo my senior year as captain,” said Robbins.

Afterwards, the team took a quick trip to Disneyland to celebrate their success.

“The trip to Mission Viejo and Disneyland brought the team together in a way that practice can’t,” said Kelly Noah ‘12. “We had a lot of fun, and I definitely think that we are more of a family now.”

The women’s swim team hopes to improve off of their 3rd  place performance in DFALs last year. With the addition of powerhouse Shelly Caron ‘11, many expect to perform well in competition. Caron has posted fast times in freestyle and breaststroke.

Other assets to the women’s team include Megan Howard ‘13, Haufler, Sam Swinton ‘12,  White, and Robbins, who have greatly contributed to the team’s success.

Both White and Robbins plan to swim collegiately at Middlebury and Uuniversity of California at San Diego, respectively.

Similarly, the men’s team is working hard to win DFALs after coming in 2nd  to Campolindo last year. With Deaver out for the season with a broken foot, the team relies on standout swimmers Charlie Wiser ‘13 and Kyle Weikert ‘12.

“I think all the guys are going to try to make up for losing Nick. We will still be strong this year without him,” said Barker.

Both the men’s and women’s teams have benefitted from a surge of young freshmen talent. On the women’s side Annie Larsen ‘14 and Erin Schoenfeld ‘14 have impressed many with their fast times. Also, on the men’s side, Gabe Ostler ‘14 has proved to be an integral part of the team.

“The freshmen have really been an asset to the team. Erin Schoenfeld will be really fast when she’s an upperclassman,” said Robbins.

Hopefully, this year both teams will reach their lofty goals and bring home big wins in both league and conference.