Mats Quidditch Soars Through a Magical Season


Slytherin Beater Tamar McCollom faces off against Gryffindor beater Cali Fehrnstrom.

Tennyson, May

Quidditch has come to Miramonte. Yes, Quidditch. For those of you who don’t know what Quidditch is, it’s a game that originated from the popular Harry Potter books. In the books, three players called chasers fly on brooms while trying to shoot a ball, called a quaffle, past the keeper into one of three hoops. While doing this, chasers have to avoid bludgers, which are essentially hexed balls that are fired by players called beaters with the intent of knocking someone out. Each goal scored gives 10 points to the scoring team and when a seeker catches the golden snitch, a small, incredibly fast moving ball, the recipient’s team gains 150 points and ends the game.

In the real world, rules are very similar. Quaffle goals count as 10 points and a snitch catch counts as 30. Beaters carry dodgeballs and try to hit chasers. When hit, chasers have to give the quaffle to the other team. Since we Muggles have to abide by the laws of physics, players in the real world carry broomsticks between their legs and run around. The snitch is substituted by a person dressed in yellow who runs around the field while trying to avoid the seekers.

Miramonte has four teams, based on the houses of Hogwarts, that compete against each other in a series of a games and a final Quidditch Championship Cup. In a controversial final, Gryffindor, led by captain Annie O’Shea ‘11, defeated top seeded and previously undefeated Slytherin, led by captain Tamar McCollom ‘12. Hufflepuff, led by captain Hillary Good ‘12, defeated Ravenclaw, led by captain Meghan Colwell ‘12, to earn third place.

The controversy began when Gryffindor, who had a 1-2 record, got into the final match over Ravenclaw, who had a 0-1-1 record. When deciding who would go into the final, O’Shea decided that the team with the most points should go to the final, thus securing Gryffindor’s spot in the championship.

In the championship game, Gryffindor came out to an early lead of 10-0 over Slytherin. When the snitch was released, O’Shea declared that she was going to substitute beater Jimmy McFeely as seeker. Changing positions in the middle of the game is illegal and referee Colwell decided to restart the match at the time of the snitch release.

Slytherin’s seeker Dana Nyberg ‘12 went on to catch the snitch. However, O’Shea reasoned that because the snitch was blocked by an obstruction, in this case a bicycle, the seizure of the snitch was unfair.

Colwell decided that yet again they’d restart the game. This time they ran out of time before either seeker could catch the snitch, and Gryffindor was declared the winner.

Despite a controversial and disappointing finish, Slytherin remains positive and determined to make a comeback next year. “Everyone knows who the real winners are,” said McCollom. “I’m just so proud of my girls for playing tough all year and going undefeated in the playoffs. We will come back stronger than ever, and take the Championship next year.”