Volleyball Starts Season Undefeated

After each point won, the Miramonte girls volleyball team gathers together for a celebratory hug.

After each point won, the Miramonte girls’ volleyball team gathers together for a celebratory hug.

Madeleine Nicolaisen, Staff Writer

“Represent Matadome!” scream the Miramonte women’s volleyball team as the girls disperse and move to their positions. The team kicked off their season by winning their first three games, against Amador Valley, 2-1, Piedmont High School, 3-0, Grenada, 3-0, Dublin, 3-0, Alhambra, 3-0. Coach Shannon Ross attributes these wins to teamwork. “This team truly embodies what it means to be a team and what it means to support each other,” said Ross. The team is going into this season with a mindset of having fun, being consistent and keeping the ball in play. “I’m very excited for this season because we have really good team chemistry so far, and we’ve already won two games so I just want to keep playing well,” said captain Sarah Vaccaro 12. “We had a great season last year and we want to grow from that,” said Ross. At the start of the season the team defined some very important team goals, to win league and go farther in NCS than last year. “We know we are going to have to work extremely hard as a team to achieve both of these goals,” said Ross. Due to the amazing amount of talent, it looks as though it won’t be an extremely trying year. This year the team has seven returning seniors, and two starting sophomores, this being their first year. “The great thing about this team is that we have so many amazing players that can all step up on different points during a match and be our go to player,” said Ross. “We have a lot of great new talent, and all the new players are completely dedicated to working hard in practice and continuing to become better players so they can help this team.” Come cheer on the team at their next game against Las Lomas High School on Tuesday night.