Athlete of the Issue: Ross Anderson


Anderson, the 2010 DFAL MVP, breaks through a defender’s tackle to move the chains.

Josh Dathe, Staff Writer

Ross Anderson ‘12, starting quarterback for the football team, focuses on leading his team to an NCS title while also balancing the stresses of school and life.  Anderson started his athletic career at a very young age.

As a star pitcher in OBA baseball, a quarterback in MOL football, and a center CYO basketball, Anderson was a very gifted young athlete. As Anderson grew older, his talent increased.

Freshman and sophomore year, Anderson played football in the fall, basketball in the winter, and ran track in the spring.  Junior year, Anderson decided to drop track and focus on football and basketball.

Although he has a major love for playing on the basketball court, Anderson says that “during high school I have become more of a football player.”

Over the summer Anderson spent the majority of his time traveling across the west coast and parts of the east coast playing and training at football camps.  He worked with trainers to improve as a player.

Already given an offer from Brown University to play wide receiver, Anderson knows that this is his season to prove himself worthy of a scholarship.

His dream is to play at a Division I school, so he is determined to play at his highest level this season to get recruited to a top tier football school.

Just as the football team was preparing for the upcoming season, Head Coach John Wade left the team for Dublin High School.  This was a huge blow to the organization as a whole.

Not only did Wade leave the team, but he left for another team in the same division.

“It was disappointing when Wade left the team but we got over it quickly and I think we are better off with the coaching staff that we have right now,” Anderson said.  [New Coach Jack] “Schram is a great coach and has a lot of experience coaching. He also relates to the players really well and our team gets along much better than past years.”

Anderson has a great love for the sport of football. “It is the ultimate sport in my eyes,” said Anderson.

Anderson feels that football is the best way to show off one’s raw talent and it is a joy to be able to play Friday night football.

“The Friday night atmosphere with the fans, and playing under the lights… it doesn’t get much better than that.”

Anderson has been the starting forward on the Miramonte Varsity Basketball team for all four years he has played.

“Ever since my CYO years I have had an outright love for basketball.”

If you have seen Ross around campus you would easily notice his towering height.  “Being tall definitely gives me an advantage in most sports, especially basketball,” said Anderson.

“I just have an overall feel for a lot of different sports,” says Anderson.  To put it frankly, Anderson is an extreme athlete.  He has a keen athletic instinct that allows to succeed and thrive in any sport.

His ultimate goal is to play quarterback for the Oakland Raiders and lead them to a Superbowl.  He knows that he must play in college first, which is his main focus.

“It would be a life-long dream come true for me to be involved with football for the rest of my life.  That would be awesome.”