Varsity Football Takes It to Da G

Spencer Holmes

This year, the varsity football team got off to a strong start.

They beat Kennedy High School last Monday 42-22 after the home opener was rescheduled due to lightning the previous Friday.

The season opener against Anecy (Petaluma) the week before resulted in the Mats’ first win.

The team went through som big changes since the last season. They have a new head coach, Jack Schram, who brought along various new assistant coaches.

Many players on the team are hopeful for their upcoming games.

“We’re off to a great start and constantly improving,” said Captain Kelly McGonigle ‘12. “If all goes according to plan, we fix our mistakes, and better ourselves every day in practice, there is no reason we shouldn’t be winning football games.”

The team is counting down the days until they play Dublin.

“Since our old Varsity coach, Wade, left to coach Dublin, we have been dying to play them and so that game has turned into a really big one for us,” said Alec Beauregard ‘12.

Many players are also looking forward to playing Miramonte’s biggest rivals, Campolindo and Acalanes.

“Those are always big games for us,” said Joey Roticci ‘12 “Our defense is working really hard to find ways to penetrate the offensive lines.”

Although the team has suffered a few broken bones and other injuries, their strong showing both evenings against Kennedy High prove the depth of the squad.

The team is currently 3-0 with a recent win against Liberty on Sept. 23. The score was 26-17 and the team prepares for their next game against Acalanes.

The team knows how important the Acalanes game is and looks forward to dedicated fans and a competitive game on Sept. 30.

Before the Fremont game, the Miramonte Football Team raises their helmets during the National Anthem.