Athlete of the Issue: Sarah Vaccaro


Mollie Swan, Photo Editor

Since her freshman year, senior setter Sarah Vaccaro has been a key player on Miramonte’s varsity volleyball team. Vaccaro’s determined attitude, relentless work ethic, and passion for the sport are what make her one of best athletes Miramonte volleyball has seen.

Vaccaro started playing volleyball at the young age of eight. She began playing with her mom in grass doubles tournaments. Since then, she has played for three different volleyball clubs: Delta Valley Volleyball Club, Golden Bear Volleyball Club, and Norcal Volleyball Club. Vaccaro is also a starting setter on the varsity volleyball team, which competes during the fall.

Vaccaro loves volleyball because it is a team sport. The support and encouragement of teammates keep her motivated during tough matches. Also, both high school and club volleyball programs are a great way to make friends. “When traveling and playing in different tournaments you are able to meet a lot of people from around the country who share the same love for the sport that you do,” said Vaccaro.

One of Vaccaro’s goals is to play volleyball in college. “I really would love to play volleyball in college. I can’t imagine having this high school season as my last year of volleyball,” said Vaccaro. Currently, she is trying to find a program that best fits her personality and interests. One factor in choosing a school is the study abroad program it provides because Vaccaro has always dreamed of studying abroad in Europe.

Another one of Vaccaro’s goals is to lead her Miramonte team as far as it can go in DFAL, NCS, and Norcal/State. She wants to work as hard as she can to help the team be successful. Vaccaro intends on getting the most out of the season by giving relentless effort and having a fun and memorable year with no regrets.

This current volleyball season has been one of Vaccaro’s favorites. Although the team is not one of the most athletic or skilled teams she has been on, the improvement the team has made from last year is remarkable. According to Vaccaro, all of the girls get along incredibly well on and off the court, which plays a large role in the team’s success. The team’s wins against Amador Valley, Granada, and Las Lomas prove that passion and teamwork can outplay skill. Vaccaro also attributes the team’s success to the small, but energetic and dedicated fan base.

Vaccaro’s sister, Mary, is and always has been her role model for volleyball. Although she played at Miramonte’s rival school, Campo, the sisters have played together in many doubles beach tournaments.
In 2008, the pair was ranked 2nd in California in the 16 and under division. Last year, Mary was DFAL MVP, NCS Player of the Year, and State MVP. Mary’s work ethic and dedication have inspired her younger sister to strive to achieve her goals.

When she is not playing volleyball Vaccaro enjoys relaxing and spending time with her friends and family. She enjoys traveling to Southern California because she loves the warm, sunny weather. While in Southern California Vaccaro plays beach volleyball, shops, and goes to her favorite amusement park, Disneyland. Vaccaro also likes attending sporting events. She enjoys watching college football and basketball, as well as professional sports. Her favorite sport to watch is professional baseball and her favorite team is the San Francisco Giants.


DFAL All League (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior)
NCS 2nd place 2008 (Freshman)
NCS 3rd place 2009 (Sophomore)
1st place AAU Junior Beach Championship (2008)
Junior Nationals for Club Volleyball (2005-2011)
Dogs of War Award; Cal High Sports (2011)
Hammer Award; Cal High Sports (2009)

Favorite Movie: The Notebook
Favorite Food:
Favorite Actress:
Betty White in The Proposal
Favorite Musician:
Justin Bieber
Favorite Color:
Favorite Animal:
Favorite TV Show:
Dance Moms
Favorite Store:
Favorite Class: