Athlete of the Issue: Nicholas Bhachu

Bhachu goes for goal!

Bhachu goes for goal!

Trevor Rechnitz, Online EIC

Balancing high school and club soccer, varsity football, and a passion for fashion is no easy undertaking, but soccer captain Nicholas Bhachu manages to do it all.

After being on the varsity team for three years, Bhachu has an unseen advantage over the other players on the pitch.  “The upper classmen always have an advantage over the younger classmen, and the experience of being on the team for all three previous years easily just helps with confidence on the field,” said Bhachu.

As a captain for the second time, Bhachu is looking to lead his team to a deep NCS run. To get there, Bhachu has the responsibility of fixing mid-game mistakes and keeping the team on the right track for all 90 minutes.
“Being a captain also means bringing everyone together to play as a family. In the past years there were groups based on class, and I don’t want that this year. We are all going to be one unit,” said Bhachu.

Team chemistry and a leadership presence on the field are traits that colleges look at when recruiting high school players.

Bhachu is being actively recruited by numerous Division I schools and loves when scouts come to watch his games.

“When scouts come out,  I tend to play better. Some people can’t produce under pressure but that is where I thrive. I get more of an exciting feeling, not a nervous one,” said Bhachu.

Keeping composure is a huge aspect in soccer, and Bhachu attributes his successes to staying collected on the pitch.  In terms of soccer, Bhachu has to manage playing for Miramonte and for the Bay Oaks Soccer Club.
“Although club soccer is generally played at a higher level, it compliments high school soccer and helps me to be an overall better player.”

In addition to soccer, Bhachu decided to play varsity football as a place-kicker. Playing for three different teams has its pitfalls.
“Unfortunately, some weeks, I have had club soccer, high school soccer, football, and schoolwork. It is pretty hard to balance all of it, but it will benefit me in college when I have to do the same thing,” said Bhachu.

Even though it is tough to manage all the sports in addition to schoolwork, Bhachu always enjoys what he’s doing.

“Playing football has been really fun. A lot of my close friends play which is why I did it in the first place.” Bhachu even laughs off “taking crap for being the kicker,” and being called “foot fairy” just gives him more motivation to perform better.

For Bhachu, following professional soccer is both fun and productive. “My favorite player is Xavi, the best center mid in the world. He makes the game look so easy and when I play, I try to model after him. Watching the professionals play can really help you with your shape, and off-ball movement.” Playing FIFA on his Xbox supplements Bhachu’s love for professional soccer.

If you ever see Bhachu around campus, take notice of his healthy fashion sense. Flamboyant is an understatement. Whether he’s donning $200 True Religion jeans, LuLulemon men’s yoga pants or one of his many J. Crew V-Necks, “Boo-Boo” struts his stuff proudly. In addition, he always compliments his designer outfits with one of his 22 pairs of shoes.

In the future, Bhachu plans on playing college soccer and getting a solid education. “I would love to play professionally but I am not riding on it. If it happens great, but if not, I want to be prepared to go out and get a job.”
When he’s not on the field, Bhachu is an avid sports fan, shopper and gamer. If you ever need him, try the J Crew store in Pinole, any Lululemon outlet or Naan ‘N’ Curry in Berkeley.