Boys’ Soccer Welcomes New Head Coach

by Natalie Condon

Fabian Amezaga, or “Fab”, has taken over the coaching job for the men’s varsity soccer team. He coaches for Lamorinda Soccer Club, and has coached at Miramonte in the past.

After graduating from University of Colorado in 1999, Amezaga came back to Miramonte to coach soccer. However, his job soon took him to New York, an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. In New York he worked as an independent energy derivatives trader at the New York Mercantile Exchange.

After working in New York for a few years, Amezaga decided to move back to California with his family and to coach again, which he loved doing so much in 2002-2005.

He has won three NCS’s and does personal training as well. Four Miramonte alumni are assisting him, Luke Sassano, Evan Sassano, Eric Sassano, and Michael Pitt.

“I really like him,”said Nick Bhachu ‘12. “He ‘s very organized and he knows what is he talking about. His coaching techniques are pretty similar our old coach’s but he’s made huge progress with the team this season.”

Amezaga values possession of the ball and loves to play simple to the feet. He also loves keeping the ball on the ground and playing simple passes so that nothing is forced. He likes to defend and attack as a team, which involves being very patient when the team is trying to attack, similar to their previous coach.

“I like Fab a lot. He takes our practices seriously but at the same time he makes himself very approachable to all the players,” said John Warrington ‘13. “I really like what he’s doing for our team this year and I think he’s gonna do great things with us in the future.”

Coach Fabian Amezaga smiles for the camera while his team prepares for their game against Pinole Valley.

“The team is a work in progress and we continue to grow each game and practice. Injuries and illness have played a large role in our success and hopefully down the stretch we can get healthy and start the process of restoring the pride and tradition of Miramonte soccer,” said Amezaga.