Miramonte Sports Teams’ GPAs Fly

Mollie Swan, Head Photographer

As the 13th best public school in California and 89th best public school in the nation, Miramonte prides itself on both athletic and academic success. In fact, a handful of Miramonte sports teams have earned North Coast Section Scholastic Champion Team Awards. This award is presented to the top three NCS varsity teams in each division or classification in each sport with highest composite GPA of 3.0 or above.

In 2010, the boys basketball and football teams earned this academic achievement as well as the boys basketball and baseball teams in winter and spring of 2011. Most recently, the girls volleyball and golf teams earned this award in 2011.
Miramonte students often sacrifice free time, sleep, and other activities to  balance school and sports. Most student-athletes’ afternoons and evenings consist of homework and practice only.

“I think it’s really just about discipline. You have to keep in mind that you are working hard so you can have options later,” said Maddie Higgins ‘12, “It sucks at the time, but you just have to push through and know that it is worth it.”
Principal Adam Clark places academic strength above everything else. He wants students to get the foundation in high school they will need to pursue their dream careers and achieve their goals later in life. Clark believes sports teams’ success is found in their respectable character, not their athletic success.

“I would rather have a studious team with high character that does not win any games, than a team with low GPAs and low character that wins every game,” Clark said.