Athlete of the Issue: Drew Jackson

Balancing baseball, academics, and a social life is no easy feat, especially if you play baseball year-round for the most competitive teams out there. This lifestyle requires good time management and a strong will to persevere when things get rough. For senior Drew Jackson, this lifestyle is the only one he has ever known.

Jackson started swinging the bat at age four on his first T-ball team and hasn’t put the bat down since. He has played numerous sports including football and track, but baseball is Jackson’s true game.

Jackson wakes up at 7:00 a.m. every morning to go to school. He gets out at 2:10 p.m. and immediately heads over to the varsity locker room to start getting dressed for baseball practice. His practice ends between 4:30 and 5:00 p.m. and then he drives home to start tackling his homework.

“My life can get pretty hectic,” Jackson said. “Sometimes I don’t have time to do anything relaxing.”

He usually throws some food together for a mini-dinner before going to the Oakwood gym in Orinda. He works out for one to two hours, then heads home.

On weekends, Jackson spends at least three hours working out at the Sparta Gym near Stanford University. On top of these workouts, Jackson has 9:00 a.m. practices every Saturday.

When he isn’t playing baseball or working out, Jackson likes to hang out with friends and family. Jackson also likes to show off his manliness by buying clothes from the primarily-female athletic store LuluLemon.

One may ask why Jackson works so hard, and his answer is simple.

“I love baseball. There is nothing better than winning a baseball game. There is a lot of failure in the game, and a lot of the time you will come home upset. But when I play well it’s a huge thrill.” Jackson said.

All his hard work and determination has earned him a full scholarship to Stanford University. Jackson also made the list of the top 100 high school prospects in 2012.

Jackson plays for his high school team during the school year. When the season is over and summer rolls around, he plays for the Danville Zoots. Don’t let the silly name fool you, because this team is one of the most intense and competitive leagues out there.

In addition to Jackson’s elite baseball status, his older brother Brett is on his way to the Major Leagues and has paved a solid path for Jackson. Jackson says he often receives advice and help from his older brother.

“My brother has always given me pointers and advice when I needed it most,” said Jackson.

During Jackson’s sophomore year, the Miramonte baseball team won the coveted NCS Championship. His team finally won 3-0 after 15 innings and two days of playing.

“That was the most satisfying and emotional victory for me,” he said.