March Madness

Josh Dathe, Staff Writer

When March comes around during college basketball season, almost any sports fan stops what they’re doing to take part in the madness.  Brackets are made, live streaming apps are downloaded, grades drop and even jobs are lost over the excitement.

Each year, millions across the nation fill out brackets in hopes of creating the perfect bracket which is a nearly impossible feat.  The inevitable upsets and buzzer beaters each year create drama, excitement, happiness, and pain.

For those who are new to March Madness, it is a 64-team tournament to determine the national champion of NCAA Basketball.  Split up into four sections of 16 teams, athletes play their hearts out at a chance to go to the Sweet Sixteen and beyond.

Last year, fans were surprised to see underdog Butler make it to the Finals for  the second year in a row.  Unfortunately for the Bulldogs, Kemba Walker led the UConn Huskies to a victory and a national championship.

This year, there does not seem to be any stand out team in the league.  Kentucky, Syracuse, Duke, and Kansas appear to be the favorites to receive a number one seed in the tournament.

The tournament this year seems like it could be filled with a large number of upsets and dark horses.  Some very good, yet surprisingly underrated teams that are likely to cause chaos in the tournament are teams like Missouri and Michigan State.  These two teams have beaten very strong opponents, so don’t be surprised if you see them destroying your bracket and making it to the Elite Eight, at least.

For local fans, Saint Mary’s has another chance at making a solid run in the tournament.  Although they might not be as good as when the Moraga team was led by Omar Samhan to the Sweet Sixteen, anything can happen during March Madness.

Anthony Davis leads his Kentucky Wildcats by being the top shot blocker all season.  His defense will give the Wildcats a large upper hand in the tournament for there are no standout offensive teams this year.

Selection Sunday is March 11, which is when the NCAA Basketball heads of the board sit down and go over each prospective team.  Many teams sit on the bubble and depending on how difficult the conference and schedule, one team may have the upper hand.

As the regular season ends, all conferences host a Conference Championship tournament, in which the winner recieves an automatic bid into the tournament.