Athlete of Issue: Mary Doyle

Nicola Gonzales and Julia Hass, Staff Writers

Seeing Mary Doyle ‘12 catch the lacrosse ball with easy familiarity as she sprints down the field, one would assume she has been playing her whole life.

It would surprise many to know that she only re-took up lacrosse her junior year in high school, after taking a two year break from the sport, which she began in fifth grade.

During these two years, Doyle ran track for Miramonte, something that is reflected in her sprints across the field. Doyle returned from her break better than ever; during last year’s season Doyle received the Coach’s Award and made the 2011 DFAL All-League 2nd Team.

Doyle’s decision to take a two-year break from the sport resulted more from pressure from her track coach than a lack of love for the game.

“The reason I love lacrosse, other than the team and family crap that everyone talks about, is simply the fast pace of the game,” Doyle said. “Our scores can get up to pretty high numbers as opposed to soccer or other sports.”

Even though sports can be a great outlet and a fun way to exercise, they also have a huge presence in one’s life.

“Lacrosse is a big time commitment, especially during the summer when I had to drive like half an hour to practice every day,” said Doyle. These practices were for Doyle’s club team, Triple Threat Lacrosse, which is based in Dublin.

“I’ve just met so many people, especially through my club team, so I would definitely say that’s how lacrosse has affected my life the most,” said Doyle.

Doyle and her club team friends each have a notecard filled with inspirational quotes from athletes like Michael Jordan to pump them up before games. She also has a cherry lollipop before every game, more for fun than anything else.

Doyle’s favorite memory from Miramonte lacrosse is from a drill called “power finesse.” They take two shots: one shot based entirely on strength and the other focused on aim.

“Maddie Geary, one of our freshman, was taking her powershot, and she was running forward and grunting, and she just completely ate it. Her stick went flying and the ball went nowhere near the goal,” said Doyle.

Although there’s not a lot of time for fun outside of school and lacrosse, Doyle enjoys going to Tahoe with her family. Her mom’s side of the family shares a cabin and she likes to go up with her cousins. “It’s a good place to have that’s just away from all of this in Orinda,” said Doyle.

Doyle has a support group at home; her family encourages her to do her best, and though they can be critical at times, their constant support is vital to her success.

“My parents go to all my games, and when I get home from school my brother always practices with me,” said Doyle.

When it comes to school, Doyle manages to keep her work and lacrosse under control. She takes six periods and gets most of her work done during seventh period. She plans on attending UC Davis next year and playing lacrosse.

“I know I want to major in some sort of science like biology or physiology,” said Doyle. “Anything that would help me get into a medical career.”

But for now Doyle is focusing on this season and spending her last year at home with friends and family.

“Mary Doyle is definitely the main leader on our team this year,” said Hannah Friel ‘14. “She’s an incredible player and really does a good job of making plays and bringing our team together. She’s positive, hard working, and an inspiration to all of us.”

In a school full of stressed out athletes and students, Doyle is a prime example of how to manage your sport and schoolwork effectively, and still have a happy high school career.