Boys Baseball Swings Into Season with Full Force

Nicola Gonzales, Staff Writer

Baseball hits a home run this season, continuing their top-notch legacy. The Miramonte team boasts excellence with great coaches and players. Currently, the team has maintained a 6-2 record.
Most players on the team have been playing for a minimum of five years, beginning with the recreational OBA. One of the unique things about this team is how close they are. They have team bonding sessions, including barbeques once every couple of weeks.
“I’d say we are a pretty close team,” said Andrew Rosenzweig ‘14. “There are no huge egos on the team, and we are just a chill group who looks out for each other.”
While most sports take up your entire life with morning practices and Saturday games, the baseball schedule is not as strenuous. It leaves time for friends and academics, an unusual concept for most athletes. On days they don’t have games, they practice from 2:30-4:45 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9:00-11:30 a.m.
“The commitment is just like any other sport, especially in high school,” said Rosenzweig. “It’s something we love to do so we just enjoy it.
In practice, they work on batting and fielding, and the effectiveness is relative to each player’s position. For example, catchers focus on drills that will help their catching skills in a game, while pitchers will skip the catching drills and work on striking batters out.
“We become more prepared for what we are going to see in the games and the situations force us to make snap decisions like what happens in a game,” Bennett Stehr ‘14 said.
So far the best game of the season was San Marin, in which pitcher Jonathan Hong ‘12 pitched extraordinarily and only gave up a few runs. The Mats won 4-1. One of their less successful games was against Dougherty Valley, which they lost 2-6.
Captains Spencer Marx ’12, Drew Jackson ’12, and Paddy O’Brien ’12 lead the team through their successes and pick them up after difficult losses. The coaches are Vince Dell’Aquila and his son Brian, Sal Vaccaro, John Martinez, Drew Bennett, and Michael Robertson.