Girls’ Lacrosse Prepares to Win


During a night practice, the girls’ lacrosse team works on shooting drills while goalie Maddy Bush ‘13 blocks the shots.

Georgia Briskey, Staff Writer

The women’s lacrosse team continues to bring in wins for their 2012 season. After losing key goalie Danny Albo ‘11 and offensive player Alex Seclow ‘11, the team trains hard at every late-night practice.

These practices exercise various, vital aspects of the lacrosse game including endurance training, strategy perfecting, and team building.

Each practice starts with “shuttles,” which consists of running while passing a lacrosse ball to a partner. After warming up with different exercises, the team practices game play with each other, called “7 v. 7.” The offensive part of the team plays against the defensive part of the team. Through this drill, the team focuses on different plays while perfecting their strategy for their real games. The practices are run by coach Alexandra Tickner, who gets involved with the team by doing the same dryland work that she instructs the team to do.

Their practice is paying off, as they have only lost two league games.

On March 16 the team played against Berkeley on Miramonte territory and endured a close game. Through the battle, Miramonte fought for a victory, ending with a score of 16-15.

Continuing their streak, the Mats triumphed against Piedmont on March 19 and Livermore on March 28. This streak came to an end against Acalanes. The Mats lost 14-16, but prepared for their next game on March 30 against Dougherty Valley. They won easily with a final score of 17-7.

Captains this year include Mary Doyle ‘12 and Lauren Dougherty ‘13. Other star players include Genevieve Murphy ‘14, Hannah Friel ‘14, and Maddie Geary ‘15.

“Most of our greatest players are offensive players, so we’re trying to practice more in the defensive part of our game,” said Friel.

The team seems to be improving their game because the Mats won against Alhambra on April 13 with an impressive score of 18-3.

“We’re understanding how to play well with each other. When we play like a team we always end up with a win,” said Geary.

The team looks forward to going far in DFALs in May and potentially winning the whole competition.

The Mats play against Redwood at home tonight at 5:30, an expected win. Come support your athletics and represent Miramonte in the stands.