Mens Water Polo Pull Out Victory Over Acalanes

Dominique Clark, Nadine Masarweh, Staff Writers

The varsity men’s water polo team defeated Acalanes High School 10-6 yesterday at Acalanes. At the end of the first quarter Miramonte was up 3-2.  By halftime Acalanes tied the score 5-5.
“At half we were still confident we would win. We wanted to concentrate on playing better defense in the second half,” said Nick Solit ‘13.

By the end of the third quarter Miramonte clenched the lead 7-6. In the fourth quarter Miramonte held on their lead scoring 3 more goals and shutting down the Acalanes offense.

Captains Jack Fellner ‘13  and Charlie Wiser ‘13 were the leading scorers along with center Jack Conner ‘15.

“This game was big in terms of rivalry, but we have bigger games to focus on,” said Solit.