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Which Bay Area baseball team will go further into the playoffs: A’s or Giants?

Georgia: Many think that simply because the San Francisco Giants now have such a commanding lead in the National League West that they will go far in the playoffs. This is not the case. The Oakland A’s however, have earned every win in this 2011-2012 season with grit, determination and guts.

The A’s have battled all the way from last place at the start to a team that is now competing for first place. Yes, the Giants have impeccable pitching and good hitting, but look who they play in their division: the Colorado Rockies (possibly the worst team in all of baseball), the San Diego Padres, which has one of the worst records in the majors and, of course, the no hitting and one-good-pitcher Los Angeles Dodgers. Have fun now Giants, but we all know who is going to be winning the World Series.

Nicola: The Giants will go deeper into the playoffs and will rely heavily on their pitching staff. The most important player will definitely be Tim Lincecum, and assuming he returns to his youthful form, the Giants will go far into the playoffs. Although they’ll rely heavily on pitching, this season will be like the 2010 playoff run because the Giants’ offense is much improved this season. A healthy Buster Posey, Pablo Sandoval, Angel Pagan, and Hunter Pence need to play well to have a chance at the World Series. The Giants bullpen is very important in the post season when just one or two runs decide most games.

Also, one can’t forget about Melky Cabrera, who will be eligible to play if the Giants play more than five games into the playoffs. If the Giants stay healthy for the remainder of the regular season and the pitching staff can be consistent, then the Giants will be prepared for another playoff run like the 2010 season.

Who will have a better NFL season: Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III?

G: Is it pure “luck” that Andrew Luck was selected first overall in the 2012 NFL draft for the Indianapolis Colts? The answer is no: According to Sports Illustrated’s Tory Pauline, he’s “the most NFL-ready of all the draft-eligible quarterback prospects” and the best prospect since Peyton Manning.

Despite having three of his passes intercepted in his first game against the Chicago Bears, Luck still has the most potential for a successful season. During his college career at Stanford, Luck had the most touchdown passes and the highest winning percentage by a starting quarterback. During his 2011 season, he made First Team All Pac-12 and was awarded the Pac-12 Player of the Year. He may have been runner-up for the Heisman Trophy two years in a row, but the fact that he was in contention is truly impressive.

Luck’s potential can be seen in his high football IQ, work ethic, and leadership. In 2011 Luck had the opportunity to end his college education early to play in the NFL, but decided to stay in school after talking to Manning and St. Louis quarterback Sam Bradford. In addition, Luck’s teammates admire his diligence in practice as the whole team goes through the daily grind. It’s no question that Luck will have a more successful season than RGIII.

N: Robert Griffin III will have a more productive NFL career than Andrew Luck. In week one, he responded to the critics by showing he could be just as explosive in the NFL as he was in college. RGIII put on a show against the perennially strong New Orleans Saints throwing for 322 yards and two touchdowns. Although it does help that RGIII plays on a better team, he is just an overall more explosive player that can help any offense and will prove himself throughout his career. While rookie quarterbacks don’t usually prove themselves, this isn’t true about RGIII. He can make plays with his feet as well as with his arm, which won’t change throughout the season. RGIII will, and has already turned the Redskins into contenders, and will have a better career than Andrew Luck.

Thoughts on Dwight Howard on the Lakers?

Georgicola Gonziskey: We think that Dwight Howard on the Lakers proves to be another great move by the Laker front office. Dwight is now paired with Kobe Bryant, Paul Gasol, and Steve Nash, and that’s a little bit better of a supporting cast than Jameer Nelson and Ryan Anderson. On the Lakers, Howard will be relied on less offensively than he was with the Magic. However, Howard adds a defensive presence that the Lakers haven’t had since Shaquille O’Neal. Howard also gives the Lakers another offensive weapon with his freak-of-nature athleticism and his polished skill-set. He has shown what he can do defensively, and his production on that end of the floor won’t falter either. With Howard at the five in the Lakers’ revamped starting line-up, they have arguably the best starters in the league. They will definitely be a contender for a championship this year.