Cheer Squad Qualifies for Nationals

Nadine Masarweh, Staff Writer

Last Saturday, the 2012-13 Miramonte Cheerleading Team competed for the first time at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.  Miramonte placed second out of the eight teams in the Novice Varsity High School bracket.Miramonte qualified for Nationals with their performance that received a score over 75 points.

The cheer squad prepared all summer, perfecting their stunts and learning all of the basics.  “We performed very well,” said Carrie Requa ‘14  “But we didn’t start learning the choreography for the actual routine until about a month ago.”

“I really liked the competition.  It was run smoothly and they also made it fun for us,” said Requa.

Excited about getting second place, the cheer squad spent the rest of the day celebrating on rides.  The competition was sponsored by USA Cheerleading.