Juniors Dominate Powder Puff


Davis Walker, Staff Writer

The annual Powder Puff girls’ football tournament came to a close Thursday on the mud-laden quad as the juniors triumphed over the seniors 16-0 in the championship game. Powder Puff is a pre-homecoming tradition at Miramonte, and it always draws a large attendance from the student body.

The first game in the tournament pitted the freshmen, coached by Ryan Anderson, against the seniors, coached by Phil Hoxie, on Thursday, Oct. 11. The class of 2013 was vengeful after being upset by the class of 2014 in last year’s first-round game. However, they were also ill prepared, having had no practices and only a five-minute meeting prior to the game. The game got off to a slow start, and neither of the teams’ offenses was up to par.

The senior women finally began to show some life half way through the competition, making an offensive push that almost resulted in a touchdown. However, the freshmen defense made a stand, forcing a turnover on downs. Unfortunately for them, this led to a safety forced by the senior defense, resulting in the seniors’ first and only score of the game. The freshmen had no answer, so the seniors won 2-0 and advanced to the next game.

Although the seniors beat the freshmen almost every year, the game is always a crowd favorite. “My favorite thing about powder puff is watching the seniors smack the freshmen year after year,” Sam Reaves ‘13 said.

The next day, the junior girls faced off against the sophomores. As the game commenced, it was clear that the juniors were going to be the dominating force. Their first score came when Bre Alford ‘14 completed a hail-Mary pass to Allison Miller ‘14 for a score of 6-0 juniors. The sophomores failed to respond, and the juniors extended their lead to 12-0 by way of a fumble recovery in the end zone by Kate Laughton ‘14. The sophomores still had no answer for the powerhouse junior defense, which forced a safety at the end of the game for a final score of 14-0.

The juniors were directed by veteran head coach Kris Booze ‘14, who has been coaching powder puff for all three of his years at Miramonte. Booze has learned a lot over the years, and has made changes accordingly. “This year we took out the garbage plays and put in plays that guarantee long yardage and touchdowns,” said Booze. “My team is also the first to bring a full-fledged aggression to powder puff.”

So, with the juniors and seniors both advancing to the final round, the stage was set for a rivalry championship game. “My girls are very serious about this game,” said Booze. “Having lost to the seniors last year, we came prepared.”

And prepared they were, as Megan Reid ‘14 ran for a touchdown the first play of the game. This was followed by a two-point conversion, making the score 8-0 juniors. The seniors tried to get back on their feet and recover, but Reid proved she could play on both sides of the ball as she intercepted a pass and ran it back for a touchdown, extending the lead to 14-0. The senior offense still had no answer, and the junior defense forced a safety for a final score of 16-0.

Reid was the M.V.P. of the game, scoring 12 of the juniors’ 16 points and making appearances at running back, receiver, defensive back, and even kicker. “Our key player is Megan Reid,” said Booze. “She’s a utility player, and is able to dominate any position on the field.”